Jason caught on General Hospital

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In Beechers Corners, Jason and Carol get into his car, but are stopped by officer Billy Price, (played by Jonathan Stanley), who reminds Jason that he was not to return to town. Jason points out he is beyond town line. Officer Price spots Carol in the car and informs her that she is in violation of her probation by leaving town. He accuses Jason of abducting Carol and orders him out of the car at gunpoint. Jason is thrown in the Beechers Corners jail, and is told cell phone service is spotty and he won’t be able to make his entitled call until tomorrow. Jason warns Billy that if he doesn’t talk to his lawyer then she will sue this town and take his badge from him.

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Alexis warns Julian on General Hospital At Charlie’s, after a call from Diane, Alexis updates Brad and Julian on Willow’s refusal to say anything about the baby and says she has been arrested. Alexis explains even if Willow doesn’t talk, Shiloh can file an order to open the adoption records, but suspects they won’t find any. Alexis suggests to Brad that he and Lucas get ahead of the problem and tell the court that they adopted Shiloh’s child, but were told he was out of the picture. They will look like loving parents in comparison to Shiloh. Alexis promises she can build a case for them and stall, and Shiloh will have to take a DNA test to prove he’s the father. Brad blurts out that it can’t happen, but she says it will buy them time and being honest is their best bet right now. Brad leaves, and Alexis and Julian argue over his document tampering. She needs to know everything so she can help Brad and Lucas. He claims there is nothing to tell.

Shiloh in court on General Hospital In court, Shiloh’s lawyer tells him that they will petition to have the adoption records unsealed, but Shiloh worries Willow’s friends may have tampered with them. Mia Amir warns Shiloh that he will have to make a case and explain to the court for why he should have custody, and the fact that he is living out a motel room and was arrested for sexual assault won’t look good. She coaches Shiloh to how to plead his case and why he should be given custody and suggests he drop the Dawn of Day spiel because the judge won’t buy it.

Bobbie gets news on General Hospital At General Hospital, Lucas tells Bobbie that she tested positive for type 2 diabetes. Bobbie can’t believe the news. She cries that she takes care of herself and feels this shouldn’t be happening to her. He says it is, and she needs to take care of herself because it could lead to a number of problems. Lucas comforts his mom.

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Kim wants a baby on General Hospital At Kim’s place, Drew is surprised when Kim kisses him. He thinks she’s trying to forget her pain, but Kim knows what she wants and that is a baby with him. She isn’t suggesting they create a replacement of Oscar, but this could be their second chance. They lost a child and this could be their opportunity to create a new one and keep Oscar’s spirit alive through a brother or sister. Drew believes this is not the way to honor Oscar, and it’s time to let him go. She knows Oscar would want her to move on, but he also wanted a family who would remember him, and she tells Drew they don’t have to be together to make this happen.

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Curtis meets Sam in the park and informs her that he has to dissolve their partnership because he’s taken a job with Aurora, which will help him and Jordan with their expenses. She understands, and is glad Drew will have someone looking out after him. However she notes he’s also going to be working for Jax. Curtis asks what she knows about Jax. She says he is an entrepreneur who is a shark, but he doesn’t use people or cross lines and will be a good boss. She asks, “Why all the questions?” He explains the more he knows the better he can do his job. She knows he’ll do a good job, and says if he changes his mind, she won’t change their business cards anytime soon. Later, Shiloh runs into Sam and tells her that he still has hopes for her. Sam gets a text which reads “In BC – 911, Jason.” Meanwhile, Shiloh gets a call from Billy to tell him that they have Jason Morgan in custody.

Brad heads to General Hospital with Wiley and runs into Lucas. He says they need to talk, but Bobbie swoops in and gushes over Wiley. She promises Wiley that she’s going to be around for a long time to see him grow up.

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