Jason makes assurances General Hospital

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At a diner in Beechers Corners, Michael begs the waitress, Carol (played by Mandy Musgrave), to talk to him about Shiloh. She’s not keen. Jason listens in from his car as Michael probes her about Douglas’ death. She feels like a sucker for agreeing to Shiloh’s plan and confirms all of Michael’s suspicions. He tells her that Shiloh killed Douglas, that’s why he needed her to take the fall. She’s reluctant to believe it but he convinces her. He asks her to come to Port Charles and testify against Shiloh to clear her record and put him away. They go outside and meet Jason. Michael tells her that Jason will protect her. She points out that she has an ankle monitor and can’t leave town. Jason has a way around that. He takes it off. Before they can leave, a cop stops them. He recognized Jason’s plates and reminds him he wasn’t supposed to come back to Beecher’s Corners.

Willow speaks in court General HospitalIn the courtroom, the judge orders Willow to give Shiloh all the information he needs. Diane objects that he obtained evidence of the child illegally. This makes Willow look hopeful. The defense attorney objects and they debate case law. The judge, however, decides that Willow must hand over all relevant information for the child’s welfare. Willow can’t be compelled to testify, but the judge can question Diane. When the lawyer refuses, the judge cites her for contempt. Before Diane can be taken to jail, Willow leaps up and declares she had a baby and Shiloh will never find him. Shiloh smirks as Willow screams at him. When she refuses to hand over the records, the judge finds her in contempt. Chase offers to take her into custody and arrests her.

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Bobbie lectures Julian General HospitalBobbie stops by Charlie’s to slap Julian and lectures him for his underhanded helping of his son. She worries it could cost Lucas Wiley. Julian defends himself. Scott arrives and Bobbie tells Julian that she feels the same way about him as he does about Shiloh. After he walks off, she passes out.

Kim has an idea for Drew General HospitalDrew is surprised when he arrives at Kim’s and she has food set out. Cameron interrupts with flowers he found in Oscar’s meadow. He asks them about the trip to Kilimanjaro and he tells her how hard it has been for Joss to let go. After he fills them in about the water rippling during the séance, he leaves for garbage duty. Kim tells Drew there is another way they can keep Oscar alive. As they eat, she talks about their past and he guesses she wants something. They remember their son and note how they remind each other of him. Sitting on the couch, they listen to an old playlist until she starts kissing him.

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Sonny tells Carly he has a plan General HospitalAt the Corinithos compound, Devon and Joss discuss her penchant for travel and boats. He asks about the family. On the porch, Sonny and Carly give Mike a device to watch Barney Miller on. He’s happy. Joss and Devon come out and Mike claims he needs no introduction, assuming he’s Glady’s son, Brando. They correct him. Carly encourages Joss to take Devon for a walk. After the kids leave, Sonny tells his wife he may have found a way to keep Devon around. Sonny and his dad talk about family and Mike asks them to stand up for him at his wedding to Yvonne. Sonny smiles and agrees. Mike goes off to call Yvonne and Sonny wonders if he can pass Dev off as Brando. When Mike comes back in, he gives Carly a hug and Sonny drives him home. When Sonny gets back, he explains that Brick tracked down Gladys. Carly thinks they should just send Dev back to Turkey.

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Cam catches Joss with Devon General HospitalJoss and Devon arrive at the park. He manages to pickpocket her phone and teases her. As they bicker, Cameron comes over and asks if Dev has robbed her. Dev explains he was just teaching Joss to be more aware. Cam thinks that’s cool and asks Dev to teach him to do it. Joss is steaming and stomps off. They chase after her. She mopes at Oscar’s stone. Cam fills Dev in on Oscar’s story. They talk about the noise they heard during the séance. Dev explains that he’s the one who made the noise on the patio. “Dead is just dead,” he tells her. She doesn’t appreciate the sage wisdom and he apologizes.

Scott takes Bobbie to the hospital to be checked out. She assures Lucas she’s fine. She’s dehydrated and her son wants to hook her up to an IV. The doctor questions her and then insists on a blood test. He’s worried she might have diabetes. Bobbie won’t listen to this and walks out with Scott trailing after her. He tells her to indulge her son and offers to be there to support her.

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