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Joss and Jax talk General HospitalJax meets with Curtis at the Metro Court. Curtis tells him about how well he knows Drew and Jax instantly welcomes him aboard as head of security. Joss arrives as Curtis walks away. She and her father discuss Sonny’s mysterious new ‘cousin’. Jax tells her she can move in with him and asks her to approve the place he wants to buy. She’s not sure she wants to leave with a baby on the way and finds it hard to consider the future. Her dad gives her a pep talk. Across the room, Curtis is startled when he calls the hospital and learns Jordan has already checked out. Down the hall, Michael meets with Jason. He tells him that Douglas, the man who OD’d in Beecher’s Corners, was Willow’s father. Michael is sure that Shiloh murdered him. Jason agrees and points out that Shiloh let a woman, Miss Lockhart, take the fall for him. Since Jason can’t go looking for her in Beecher’s Corners, Michael offers to do it.

Maxie and Ava talk outfits General HospitalAt Crimson, Maxie is showing outfits to Ava without much luck. Ava doesn’t think they have the same vision. She doesn’t want to portray herself as a victim, but Maxie says that’s what will sell. Ava gets a text reminder for an appointment with Kiki. She becomes distraught but then goes back to looking at outfits. Jax and Joss arrive. She’s not happy to see Ava. As Ava is trying on clothes, Jax asks Maxie if Joss can have an internship. Maxie is thrilled by the idea. Joss wishes she’d been asked first.

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Jordan returns to work General HospitalJordan is at the Port Charles Police Department. Curtis rushes in and demands to know why his wife is at work. They head into the interrogation room and start lecturing each other. He assures her that Mac can take care of things, but she feels ready to return. Curtis worries that could set her recovery back. She’s worried about her medical expenses. He explains that he took the security job. His wife hopes he’s not just taking a corporate gig for her. Curtis explains that it seems more like he’ll be spying on Jax for Nina and Valentin. Jordan doesn’t like this.

Brad questioned by Bobbie and Carly General HospitalCarly surprises Bobbie at the hospital. The nurse brings her in to see Brad. He’s having severe abdominal pain and is sure he’s dying. Bobbie’s not convinced and just thinks he’s having an anxiety attack. Carly tells Bobbie what has been going on with Wiley’s custody. When Lucas arrives, Bobbie asks them if the adoption records can be unsealed. They admit that they asked Julian to get rid of the records. Bobbie is not happy and leaves to “take care of business.”

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Willow needs to run General HospitalIn Willow’s classroom, she is trying to escape but people keep stopping her. The principal says they need to talk about her future. He invites her to come back as staff. Faculty and parents lobbied on her behalf. Even Nina thinks that Tate should stay. Willow thanks everyone but she needs to run. Chase arrives to get her and they rush out before she can look at her contract. Nina isn’t impressed. Liz and Lulu talk about her upcoming wedding reception. Franco gets a call and tells her their reception venue has canceled. Lulu says they can have it for free on the Haunted Star. Liz doesn’t think that’s a good idea because of the bad memories. Franco decides it’s the perfect place to make happy memories.

At the courthouse, Diane tells the judge that her client has been detained. Shiloh is smug. The judge is ready to move ahead. Diane calls Chase and tells him to get Willow there immediately. She starts arguing with Shiloh’s lawyer and points out to the judge that he got medical records he wasn’t supposed to have access to. Eventually, Willow and Chase arrive. The court is at recess by that point and the judge is preparing his ruling. When the judge returns, he rules in favor of Shiloh and orders Willow to turn over all relevant information.

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Joss Jax Nina Valentin and Maxie at Crimson General HospitalNina and Valentin arrive at Crimson while Maxie is talking to Jax and Joss. Jax and Nina head into her office to talk. He’s slightly miffed that Valentin joins them. Jax explains that he’s hired Curtis as head of security. Nina is surprised, especially since Curtis never mentioned this to her. Meanwhile, Joss talks to Maxie about the séance. Ava eavesdrops as Joss talks about how well it worked. Feeling Oscar’s presence gave her closure. Ava takes out her phone and confirms her appointment with Kiki.

Bobbie drops by Charlie’s to see Julian and gives him a slap.

Michael goes to Beechers Corners to find Miss Lockhart at the diner where she works.

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