Peter's surprise party on General Hospital
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Valentin meets with Jax at the Metro Court bar and offers to buy his half of Aurora. Jax turns him down. Valentin wants to protect Crimson because it’s Nina’s baby, but Jax has his own personal reasons for purchasing the company.

At General Hospital, Curtis tells Nina, (played by Cynthia Watros), that Jordan is doing well. She wonders why he seems stressed. He explains they have mounting bills from the surgery and extended hospital stay. Nina begs him to let her help with the bills, but Curtis refuses. In Jordan’s room, Finn tells Jordan she is infection free and no longer his patient. Jordan thanks him for treating her and asks how Ryan is doing. Finn lets her know the last he saw him Ryan was on the way to a full recovery.

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At Kelly’s, Maxie goes over the plan with Mac. He assures his daughter that he knows what to do. Laura interrupts to speak with Mac, so Maxie joins Peter at a table. He is eating pie, which freaks her out. She asks why he didn’t order cake. He simply prefers pie. She receives a text and says she has to run and meet Lulu. Meanwhile, Laura asks Mac to fill in temporarily for Jordan as commissioner of the PCPD, and he agrees. Laura departs, and Peter asks Mac for a minute. Peter has figured out Maxie is planning a surprise party and doesn’t want one, so Mac should shut it down. Mac asks him to attend for Maxie’s sake. Finn stops in and suggests to Peter they grab a bite at the Floating Rib. Peter knows about the party and promises he’ll act surprised.

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Maxie arrives at the Floating Rib and worries to Lulu and Felicia the party will be a disaster because Peter prefers pie over cake. Lulu and Felicia assure her that Peter will like it because it comes from her. Maxie begins to double-check everything, and Lulu is thrilled to see Maxie happy again. She tells Felicia how good Maxie and Peter are together. Felicia agrees. Later, Mac and Finn bring Peter in, and he acts completely surprised. Everyone toasts to Peter, and he thanks them all for coming and to Maxie for his very first birthday party.

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Kim and Drew return to Kim’s place. There is a knock at the door, it’s Julian with food and other things. Drew leaves them, and Julian tries to convince Kim to eat. She admits now that she’s not Oscar’s mom, she doesn’t know who she is. Suddenly she realizes what she’s needed has been in front of her this entire time. She tells Charlie she loves him and asks him to make a baby with her.

Trina and Cam join Joss in the Corinthos kitchen. She wants to hold a séance to talk to Oscar. Cam feels this isn’t like her, but Trina says they should do it. They light candles on the table, hold hands in a circle, and Joss asks Oscar to join them and come through. Cam can’t contain his laughter and says if Oscar is listening to this then he’s probably laughing at them. Joss and Trina giggle and agree. They start sharing memories of Oscar, and Trina notices the water in the glass Joss set out is rippling. Joss runs out to the porch when a strong breeze passes, but she feels and sees nothing. Joss thanks them for doing this and says they’ll talk tomorrow. Cam and Trina leave, and as Joss blows out the candles, someone watches Joss from the bushes.

Valentin and the new Nina on General Hospital Back at the Metro Court, Jax explains he bought Aurora in order to remain in Port Charles for his daughter Joss. Nina enters and inquires what is going on. Jax says they were talking business and departs. Nina confronts Valentin and asks why doesn’t like Jax. Valentin feels Jax is the reason their wedding has been delayed. She explains she postponed their wedding to make sure everything is in order because she wants it to be perfect, with no secrets or ticking time bombs. They kiss, and she leaves to freshen up. Valentin makes a call.

Drew stops in to see Jordan at General Hospital and offers to help and cover her and Curtis’ bills, but Curtis refuses. Jordan adds that as commissioner she can’t accept because it would be seen as a bribe from a media company. He has another idea and offers Curtis a job as a security analyst at Aurora. Curtis exits to get Jordan a smoothie and receives a call from Valentin asking him to dig up dirt on Jasper Jacks. In the halls, Jax runs into Laura and asks her about Valentin. Laura says he’s bad news. Jax explains he’s already involved with the guy, so Laura hopes he doesn’t live to regret it. Jax thinks he won’t be the one left with regrets.

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