Stella prepares to talk to Jordan on General Hospital

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Alexis meets Julian at Charlie’s. He informs his ex that he knows Willow and Shiloh are Wiley’s parents. He offers to help julian and alexis talk at charlies pub on general hospitalprevent Shiloh from proving he even has a child. Alexis orders him to stay out of it or he could tank Brad and Lucas’ case. She also mentions she’s dealt with Shiloh before, leading Julian to conclude she helped Kristina break free of him. Alexis becomes defensive and again warns Julian to stay out of Lucas’ case. Julian spits that if Kristina knew she could go to Alexis for help she never would have turned to Dawn of Day in the first place.

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Harmony gets confirmation from Willow on General HospitalIn Willow’s classroom, Harmony urges her daughter to unburden herself by telling her where her baby is. They argue, with Harmony deducing all the rage Willow is feeling means she didn’t miscarry and that the baby is still alive. Willow reveals she has her pledge and declares Shiloh is going down. After Harmony leaves, Julian drops by to tell her they need to eliminate the adoption records that Diane is in possession of. Willow says Diane would never destroy them. Julian says Willow will need to.

At home, Carly has a nightmare about Ryan and her baby. She wakes up on the couch to Sonny who comforts her. Ava Sonny and Carly discuss Ava on General Hospitalstops by to celebrate Kiki’s birthday with Avery. They tell her they already did that yesterday, which was her actual birthday. Besides, Avery is out with Joss. They bring up Ava’s ruse with Kevin to entrap Ryan. Ava recaps what happened and worries Ryan will use the kidney transplant to escape and start up all over again. After Ava has left, Alexis stops by to ask Carly to keep an eye on Lucas. She fills them in on Willow and Shiloh and how Lucas asked Julian to intervene. So, she needs Carly to keep Lucas and Brad calm and from pushing Julian to take action.

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Shiloh believes he will be vindicated on General HospitalFranco, Laura, Kevin, and Finn nervously wait in the lobby of General Hospital for word on Ryan. Finn gets paged and walks away. In Jordan’s room, Curtis, Stella and TJ rally around the patient. Once alone, Curtis asks his wife if she’s nervous. She admits she is a little, but she’s mostly concerned about the reason Ryan said yes to the surgery. Curtis says it only matters that he did and she’ll get the transplant she needs. Unsettled, Jordan knows Ryan doesn’t think this will earn him any favors. Finn rushes in to say Ryan is of surgery and his kidney is ready for transplant. Stella and TJ rejoin them as Finn goes over the details. Before she heads into surgery, Jordan asks to speak to Stella alone. After everyone leaves, Jordan tells Stella she signed a do not resuscitate order. She wants Stella to be her advocate because Curtis and TJ will fight it. Stella reluctantly agrees. Jordan is wheeled into surgery. Finn heads into Ryan’s room, but he doesn’t wake up. Outside his room, Franco speaks in hypotheticals about Kevin killing Ryan. Kevin asks Franco if he would care if he killed his brother. Franco says no, but people would care if Kevin went away for the murder. Besides, would he be able to live with himself if he killed a helpless human being? Kevin appreciates Franco’s support but says he doesn’t need to be there. Franco responds that he wants to be there, but Kevin doesn’t and walks off. Finn exits Ryan’s room worried he slipped into a coma. Margaux enters Shiloh’s room and congratulates Chase on arresting him, much to the prisoner’s rage. She announces he is being charged with extortion and attempted rape and will go away for 20 to life. She asks for the room alone with Shiloh and Chase exits. Shiloh thinks Margaux is putting on a show for Chase, but she lets him know that she wants to see him behind bars. He threatens to retaliate with her pledge, but she smugly shows him she has it. He reminds her he still knows the truth and he could ruin her career. She retorts that she already resigned as D.A. so he has no leverage. Her final act as D.A. will be to leave her successor the strongest case against him as possible, warning that the man he was before he became Shiloh is worth investigating. Margaux exits his room as Harmony returns to see Shiloh. She confirms that his child is still out there. Meanwhile, Chase calls Willow to tell her Shiloh has been arrested, as Margaux tells Laura she is resigning as D.A.

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