Shiloh threatens Harmony on General Hospital

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Margaux stops by Sonny’s place at his request. Jason is there, and they fill her in on Shiloh’s assault of Sam and play her the recorded audio of it. Sonny asks her whether she’s going to bring Shiloh to justice or be his accomplice. Margaux believes in Shiloh on General hospital She explains there are circumstances in play, and she can’t help. They inform her they found the pledges and Sonny waves hers around. Jason leaves, and Sonny asks what is next. Margaux calls in to have a warrant for Shiloh’s arrest but thinks she just went from one blackmailer to another now that Sonny has her pledge. She tells him he’s won, but he returns her pledge and swears it is the only copy.

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At the Metro Court, Lulu, Peter and Maxie have breakfast and discuss Lulu’s article. She wonders how to find the guy entrapping these poor women, but Peter feels she should leave that to the police and just write the story. Lulu leaves to get started, and Maxie tells Peter they need to get a move on finding Dante. Peter thinks it may be a bad idea if Dante is still unstable. Maxie still wants to locate him and find out what they are dealing with.

Harmony is scared on General Hospital Harmony arrives to see Shiloh at General Hospital. He grabs her wrist and demands she tell him if she helped Willow keep his child from him. Harmony swears she didn’t know and reminds him that she is his most loyal follower. He calls her a sad and empty vessel who is jealous of her own daughter because he chose her. He is giving her an opportunity to redeem herself and if she does not bring him his child, then there will be no place for her in Dawn of Day, the trust, or with him. Harmony laments to Shiloh that she doesn’t know how to find his child. He feels she knows where to start and promises her that she will be the most important part of his inner circle if she does this, and he knows she wants that. She cries that she won’t disappoint him.

Michael holds Wiley on General Hospital At Charlie’s, Michael meets with Brad and spends time with Wiley. Chase enters and thanks Michael for staying with Willow at the ball. Brad departs with Wiley, and Michael and Chase discuss protecting Wiley no matter the cost.

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Lucas Visits Willow on General Hospital Lucas stops by Willow’s classroom to discuss Wiley and promises her that they will protect the boy from Shiloh. He explains that he and Brad always wanted an open adoption and they welcome her being a part of his life, but Willow insists she can never see Wiley again. She cries that Shiloh will have his minions spying on her day and night, so she can’t be near Wiley or they’ll figure things out. Lucas thanks her for everything she’s done, and one day he will tell Wiley all his mother did for him. Lucas leaves, and later Chase stops by. Willow fills him in on her visit from Lucas. Suddenly, Chase gets a call that an arrest warrant has been issued for Shiloh on sexual assault charges. Willow is thrilled but won’t believe it until he’s truly behind bars. Chase cheers as he rushes out to arrest Shiloh.

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Sam in disguise on General Hospital Julian meets Sam outside the courthouse with a fake ID for her and some legal documents. She enters and pretends to be Willow and explains to the clerk she needs to amend her son’s adoption file with her information should one day he come looking for her. Julian waltzes in with some contractor document containers and places them on the counter acting as if he needs to file some plans, and tells the clerk he’s in a hurry. The clerk takes care of Sam first and finds baby Tait’s records. Suddenly a fire alarm goes off, the clerk leaves, and Julian and Sam swap out the real records on Wiley for false ones stashed in his containers. When the clerk returns, Julian claims he’s on the clock and this is taking too long, so he departs. Sam returns the file and thanks the clerk for his help.

Jason, Sam and Julian all converge at Charlie’s and tell Michael everything has been taken care of. At the bar, Sam tells Julian that he did good today, and he says it was nice to be on the same team for once. She joins Michael and Jason at a table, and Brad returns because Lucas asked him to meet him there. Julian waits on Lucas, who arrives, and then he tells them they’ve taken care of the paper trail concerning Wiley’s adoption.

Back at the hospital, Chase arrives and arrests David Henry Archer. He cuffs him to his hospital bed and reads him his rights.

Harmony stops by Willow’s classroom and demands Willow tell her where her baby is.

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Julian turns to Alexis for help keeping Shiloh from Wiley.

A smiling Harmony thanks Willow for confirming what she needed to know.

Carly tells Sonny she’s never run from Ava and won’t start now.

Shiloh asks Margaux if she has a way to vindicate him.