Ryan has a seizure General Hospital

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At General Hospital, someone sneaks into Ryan’s room and injects something into his IV. He starts to convulse. Within moments, Liz and Finn rush in and stabilize him. Curtis and Stella discuss Ryan General HospitalDown the hall, Stella finds Curtis looking anxious and guesses Ryan refused to help. She’s determined to confront Chamberlain, but Curtis isn’t sure that’s a good idea. Before she can storm off, Finn arrives with news. Meanwhile, TJ is annoyed to learn that Ryan won’t give Jordan his kidney. She asks her son to forgive Ryan… and her. He’s forgiven her for what she did and he’s not ready to let her go. Stella, Curtis and Finn file in. The doctor explains that Ryan had an allergic reaction but is fine. Stella walks off, declaring that she will get the kidney. Down the corridor, Cam spots Franco taking some plastic gloves off and asks him what he was doing. Franco claims he was cleaning up art supplies and then asks how he’s coping about Oscar. Cam isn’t interested in talking and walks away. Liz comes up to her husband and says Ryan had a seizure. Franco hopes he dies. Liz turns the subject to the award Franco received. He says the ends sometimes justify the means. Liz and Franco discuss his award General HospitalThey sit down and he tells her about visiting Kiki’s grave. It didn’t make him feel better. Back down the hall, TJ enters Ryan’s room. Ryan tells him to save the begging. Stella arrives as TJ pleads. She says Ryan can rant all he likes but he won’t get any rest until Jordan gets his kidney. She lectures him about a higher power and says every move he’s ever made has brought him to this moment. Stella says that if he ignores fate, he’s going to die and go to Hell. Back in her room, Jordan tells Curtis that she loves him. He’ll always love her. She asks him to pick up the pieces and find someone else when she’s gone. TJ rushes in and says that Stella got through to Ryan and he said yes. Back down the hall, Ryan confirms to Finn that he will go ahead with the surgery as long as he never has to see Stella again. Curtis joins them and is thrilled by the news. Ryan stretches out signing the paperwork but eventually does it.

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In Tanzania, Drew asks Kim who should keep Oscar’s urn in their room. He’s concerned that she’s drinking coffee when they have to get up early. She doesn’t want to sleep. When she sleeps, she dreams her son is still alive. It’s like losing him over and over. Kim doesn’t know how she can make the journey up the mountain. Drew says she can do it because she’s a great mother. In tears, she admits she doesn’t know how to say goodbye. He promises she doesn’t have to say goodbye alone.

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Sonny and Carly talk about the baby General HospitalSonny and Carly are out on the Corinthos compound patio recalling how happy Morgan used to be. She doesn’t know what to do about Joss being so miserable. Smiling Joss comes out and shows them the guitar chords she’s learned. They’re impressed. She gets upset as she talks about Oscar. Her mom advises her to take it day by day. The baby starts moving and Joss feels it. They marvel at the life inside Carly and Sonny admits it scares him to death. Joss gets upset as she thinks about Oscar so Carly comforts her and tells her it takes time to adjust to loss. Joss talks guitar with Cam General HospitalSonny promises that one day, her memories of Oscar will comfort her. Later, Cameron arrives to see Joss. They talk about learning guitar. He says music lets you say things words can’t. She explains how strange she’s felt; she doesn’t want to feel okay because it would be like losing Oscar again. She could feel him when she sang and doesn’t want to move on. Cam understands. Fireflies appear. She catches one and they join hands to make a wish together.

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Carly and Sonny bring lilacs to Morgan’s grave. Sonny asks him to keep an eye on Oscar. They tell him about Carly’s pregnancy.

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