Shiloh is beaten on General Hospital

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At the Dawn of Day house, Sonny asks Margaux where Shiloh would go to hide. She doesn’t know, but if she did, she wouldn’t tell him. He can’t believe he’s protecting this con man, and thought she was smarter than this. She cries it’s his fault for taking her father and her mother away, and Shiloh gave her the peace she’s been looking for. Sonny tells her about the Trust, and all the initiation involves, which he calls sexual assault. She thinks Shiloh would never do those things, but Sonny tells her if she wants to save herself then she needs to face the truth.

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Shiloh about to rape Sam on General Hospital At the lighthouse, Shiloh kisses a drugged Sam, who tells him no. He counters that they are destined to be together and it begins tonight. He begins to undress as she continues to say no and pushes him away. Suddenly Jason arrives, beats Shiloh to a pulp, and throws him down the lighthouse stairs. Jason tends to Sam and carries her out.

Laura learns about Jordan on General Hospital At General Hospital, Curtis informs Laura about Jordan’s condition and that they need Ryan alive to donate a kidney. Curtis asks if there are any leads on him. Laura explains Ava is missing and the theory is she’s set a trap for him. Lucy arrives and learns they need to take Ryan in alive. Lucy wishes she could help, and suddenly recalls recently Ava came to her to buy a vacation spot in the woods on Cedar Mountain. Curtis asks Laura for a twenty-minute head start before she alerts the cops. Meanwhile, Jason arrives with Sam, who is admitted. She remembers only pieces and asks what happened to Shiloh. He tells her that he threw him down the steps, and hopefully, he’s dead.

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Lulu talks with Chase on General Hospital At the PCPD, Chase calls Julian to find out if he’s seen Ava, but he hasn’t. Lulu arrives and asks Chase if he has any leads. He doesn’t and explains that Ava may have lured Ryan somewhere and is going to kill him. Later, Chase gets a call from Laura with Ava’s possible location, and not to use deadly force. She says Ryan must be brought in alive.

Ava shoots at Ryan on General Hospital At Ava’s mountain cabin, Ava fires off warning shots at Ryan. She can’t believe he thought she still loved him, and reveals she’s been planning his death for months to get justice for her daughter. Before she kills him, she demands to know about Kiki’s last moments. He relays she was scared and tried to get away, and when he cornered her, she cried out, “Mommy!” He says her last words were to tell her mother she was sorry and loved her. She calls him evil and spits that she hates him. She wants him to die, but slowly and in agony. Suddenly Curtis storms in and tells Ava not to shoot because Ryan is Jordan’s only hope for a kidney. He begs her to give him the gun, and finds that death is too merciful for Ryan. He feels Ryan shot slowly rot in jail. In tears Ava gives the gun to Curtis. Chase and the PCPD arrive and arrests Ryan, who still believes Ava loves him because she couldn’t pull the trigger. Furious, Ava grabs the knife on the table and stabs Ryan in the back.

Brad is panicked on General Hospital At Ava’s place, Brad arrives to speak to Julian. He explains the drama at the ball, and that Lucas suspects Shiloh and Willow are Wiley’s parents. He also relays that Shiloh knows about Willow’s baby and is determined to find it. Julian instructs him to tell no one the truth about Wiley because if it’s exposed, he will lose Wiley and Lucas. Julian promises that he will take care of things one way or another. He won’t let anyone take Wiley from them.

Back at GH, Lulu finds her mother and asks how she knew where Ava might be. Lucy chimes in that was her doing, and she could have been a lot more help if they had told her about the plan to lure Ryan back in the first place. Lucy leaves, and Lulu admits to her mother that she empathizes with Ava, and wonders if they’ll get closer if Ryan dies. Later, Laura gets the news that Ryan has been caught. Elsewhere, Sonny checks on Jason, who says Sam is recovering and reports that Spinelli also got clean audio of the initiation. In her room, Sam has a nightmare about Shiloh and the initiation. She wakes up to Jason, who comforts her. Meanwhile, Sonny visits Shiloh in his room. Sonny reminds him of his philosophy, family first and at any cost. He tells Shiloh he will pay, and terrible things will happen unless he gives him Kristina’s pledge. Someone will visit him in the morning to discuss the details.

On the next General Hospital:

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Jordan asks what she’s not being told.

Scott warns Ava that if Ryan dies then she’ll be facing a murder rap.

Kristina tells Alexis there is something she hasn’t told her.

Jason tells Monica that he needs proof that Shiloh drugged her.

Sam visits Shiloh and says, “Game over, you lose.”