Ava looks frightened at cabin on General Hospital
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In the Metro Court lobby, Brad tries to talk Lucas down from believing Willow is Wiley’s mother. In doing so, he reminds him Wiley is theirs legally. Lucas counters that if Willow never told Shiloh about the baby, that might not be true. Curtis and Laura rush into the ballroom as Lucy, Felicia and Mac tend to a passed out Kevin. Curtis updates Chase on what happened Lucas confronts Brad at the Nurses' Ball on General Hospitalin Canada, as Kevin comes to, worried about Ava. Chase sees Willow talking with Michael and asks what’s bothering her. She relays that Shiloh knows about the baby. Michael assures her they’ll protect her son and offers to take her home. She says she’s fine, but Chase wants to make sure she’s safe since he has to work. She relents and Michael escorts her out. As Lucy tries to wrap her head around no one being surprised Ryan is alive, Curtis checks in with Laura before heading out. Margaux passes him on her way in and faces a ticked off Laura, who blames her for the dead woman they found in Canada. Margaux defends her decision to call off the search for Ryan and then learns about Ava and Kevin’s plan to lure Ryan out. Lucy cackles that she knew Kevin would never fall for Ava. Margaux asks Lucy to leave since she’s not involved, which she begrudgingly does. After the group fills Margaux in, she authorizes Chase to use full lethal force if necessary to take down Ryan. As Willow and Michael leave, they run into an irate Lucas. Michael is confused as he connects the dots. Willow explains she didn’t tell him Wiley was her son because of Shiloh. Brad defends Shiloh and DoD until Willow tells him it’s a cult. Michael says they need to work together to protect Wiley.

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Curtis checks a distraught Jordan's pulse on General HospitalTJ is by Jordan’s bedside when she wakes up in the hospital. TJ gets a text from Curtis saying he’ll be there soon. Jordan worries about what that means regarding Ryan. TJ wants her to rest until Curtis gets there. When Curtis arrives, Jordan eagerly questions her husband about the fugitive. She becomes upset, causing her monitors to go off. She then passes out. TJ and Curtis wait in the hallway while Jordan is tended to and become concerned when Monica is called in for her expertise. After examining Jordan, Monica tells Curtis and TJ that she’s stable, but she has an underlying heart condition, which is common and not life-threatening unless the patient is on dialysis. She needs a transplant before her heart goes out but there’s currently no viable donor. As he sits next to Jordan who is now on a ventilator, Curtis realizes that even though Kevin isn’t a viable match, Ryan might be. He kisses Jordan on the forehead and takes off.

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Armed with a gun and a drink, Ava waits for Ryan, who shows up brandishing a butcher knife. She plays along that she’s happy to see him and asks him to put the knife down so he can hold and kiss her. He taunts her about being with Kevin, but she says Kevin was a poor substitute for him. Ryan asks her to prove it by questioning her feelings over him killing Kiki. She says as much as she loved Kiki all that was left between them was pain, which means Ryan freed her. Now, the one she loves most in the world is him. As he puts down the knife, Ava aims her gun at him.

Shiloh hovers over a sleeping Sam on General HospitalJason and Sonny listen in from the car, as Sam prepares to complete the DoD transition with Shiloh. Sam notices Shiloh is tense and he rants about Willow keeping their baby from him. Sam urges him not to let Willow ruin this night for them. He refocuses on bringing her into the trust, as Jason worries from the car about Shiloh drugging Sam. She tries to refuse the drugged drink, but Shiloh insists she drink it. She complies and fights to stay coherent as Shiloh tattoos her. When he lies next to her and says it’s time to show her how he feels, Jason and Sonny bust out of the car. They fight off Shiloh’s men, but when they enter the private room it’s empty. Sonny stays behind to get answers from the men while Jason runs out. After getting a call from Sonny, Margaux shows up. He demands to know where Shiloh is. Shiloh carries a passed out Sam into a new room and places her on a table. She groggily asks what’s going on and the says it’s their final moment where she becomes his.

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