Performers at the Nurses' Ball General Hospital
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In a room at the Metro Court, Jason and Spinelli talk over their plan to bug Dawn of Day. Down the hall, Scott interrogates Kevin and Ava about Lucy and her lacy negligee. He admits he was using her to try to sabotage Ava’s relationship with Kevin. Jerome assures Scott that she knows what she’s doing and leads Kevin off to the ball.

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Lucy hosts the ball General HospitalIn the ballroom, the audience claps as the nurses sing and dance on the stage. Lucy comes out and welcomes everyone to the event, thanking everyone for coming. Mike and Yvonne arrive and show off her engagement ring to Sonny and Carly. When Carly joins Jax to talk about Joss, Cam stops by to ask how she’s doing. Across the room, Chase and Willow find Finn looking ponderous at the bar. The teacher leaves them alone and Chase prompts Finn to just pop the question to Anna. The doctor spots Yvonne showing her ring to Bobbie. Finn rushes over to Sonny and tells him that Yvonne’s ring is his and he needs it back. Sonny takes his father aside and tells him he bought a fake ring. Finn offers a ring to go in its place. Meanwhile, a miffed Anna tells Felicia that she wishes Robert would stop whatever he’s doing. She drags Robert backstage and lectures him for acting like they are on a date. He admits that he’s been a ‘bad boy’ and Anna makes it clear she has no intention of trying again with him. What they had is in the past and she loves Finn. As she walks away, he smirks. Back in the ballroom, Neil sits down with Alexis. She points out that Shiloh is there. Sam is taking a selfie with him across the room. Jax joins Alexis and Neil and she awkwardly explains that he’s her therapist. She’s embarrassed when Jax admits she’s his ex-wife. A few tables over, Willow admits to Sasha and Michael that she was fired because of Nina. He offers to ask around and get her letters of reference for private schools. Over at her table, Nina tells Valentin that things seem to be working out for Sasha and Michael. She hopes that means Sasha will stick around.

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Cam finds a llama General HospitalBackstage at the ball, Cam finds a llama roaming around. He tries to calm Budgie the llama by telling him how unfair it is that he’s alive while Oscar is dead. He wonders what he will do with the life he has. Felix hurries in, explaining it’s Lucy’s llama and leads him away. Meanwhile, Peter approaches Sam and Shiloh. He informs her that he is taking Molly up on her offer to do an expose. Escorting them to the table with Lulu and Maxie, Peter explains Molly will be writing about Dawn of Day. Peter asks Shiloh if he’ll help and Maxie starts lecturing Sam about her date. After smirking, Shiloh leaves with Sam and tells her that was rough. Chase goes on stage and sings Something Just Like This by The Chainsmokers and Coldplay. Chase performs at the ball General HospitalAs he dances with a troop of dancers, he pulls Willow up on stage to join him. Afterward, she tells him how wonderful he is. He assures her she’s the only woman for him and kisses her. Backstage, Finn corners Robert and tells him he’s still going to propose to Anna with the ring he planned to use. Robert hopes he can get the replacement back. The doctor assures him it went to a good cause. Back in the ballroom, Yvonne tells Mike how much she likes the new ring he gave her as a replacement. As Carly leads her out, Mike and Sonny recall performing at the Ball last year. Lucy tracks down Cam and asks him if he’s still ready to perform, even though Joss isn’t there. He is. Lucy gets back on stage and makes a speech about Robin before calling Anna up to talk about her daughter and the meaning of hope. As Finn and Robert admire her, Robert pats Finn on the arm and the ring flies across the stage.

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Kristina and Joss talk misery General HospitalAt the Corinthos compound, Kristina tries to keep Joss distracted. They watch a movie and try to figure out if it’s funny. They are too miserable to laugh so they commiserate. Then they look at coverage of the Ball. Kristina is concerned when she sees a photo of Sam with Shiloh. Soon, Cam shows up to see Joss and asks her if she wants to go to the Ball. She’d feel like a loser going and not singing.

Spinelli and Jason sneak into Dawn of Day and plant spying devices. Kristina calls in a panic about her sister. Jason assures her that things are fine.

Kristina storms into the Metro Court and corners Shiloh and Sam, demanding that he get away from her sister.

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