Oscar has a visitor General Hospital
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Ned finds Monica in the Quartermaine mausoleum. She comes down there to talk to the family ghosts. She’s sure they are all bickering in the afterlife, wherever they are. Inside the Quartermaine mansion, Olivia puts photos of Joss and Oscar in an album. Upstairs, Kim and Drew join Joss and Oscar in his room. He’s sleeping. Drew suggests that Joss go to sleep as well but she insists on staying. Drew and Kim discuss Oscar General HospitalAfter Kim gives the kids a kiss, she and Drew leave them alone. Joss reads to Oscar until she falls asleep. A female figure (Lila) appears before Oscar and places their hand on his chest. He calls for Joss to wake up. When she does, the woman is gone. Oscar says he feels like he’s going to be alright. Meanwhile, Julian calls Kim and asks about Oscar. After he says he loves her, she sits on the steps. Drew joins her and wishes for some magic. Joss calls them upstairs and they see that Oscar is sitting up.

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Sonny and Carly talk loss General HospitalAt the hospital, Liz drops in on Terry, who is still hoping for Oscar. The nurse is sure that the doctor has made Oscar’s last days easier. Meanwhile, Sonny finds Carly looking at the babies in the maternity ward. They talk about Joss and Oscar. He says she’s given her daughter a great example. Down the hall, Monica tells Olivia and Ned that Oscar seems to be having a final rally and this means the end is near. She joins Joss and Oscar’s family. They all sit in the waiting area for hours. Finally, Oscar is wheeled down the hall. Terry joins them. Oscar is distracted a vision of Lila and Edward walking up the stairs. He snaps out of it and Terry explains that his tumor has spontaneously regressed to be almost non-existent and benign. Everyone is ecstatic. They sob and hug each other. Liz arrives and Kim tells her they’ve had a miracle. Oscar and Joss join hands and go to see Carly and Sonny. They tell them the news. Sonny is glad he’s sticking around. No one knows how this happened. Joss says they can move on now. Drew and Kim join them and there are more hugs. They start planning a party. Oscar thanks Carly and Sonny for being so good to him. He apologizes to Sonny for not keeping his promise to never hurt Joss. Sonny says it was wrong for him to ask for that promise because there is no love without heartache. Joss tells Oscar that they can fill her whole books with plans.

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Everyone gathers at Charlie’s to celebrate Oscar going into remission. Ned proposes a toast. Oscar makes one, telling everyone how much he loves them and how awesome they make his life. Oscar takes Drew aside and asks what would have happened to him if he died. Drew assures him that none of his family would be okay without him. When Oscar looks out the window, he has a vision of Sonny and Carly with a baby. He turns and finds Olivia promising to take Monica to the tropics. He turns around again and finds his mom showing off an engagement ring. Then he sees Joss and her friends in their graduation outfits. Another man takes her by the hand and leads her away. Oscar snaps out of this as Cameron approaches him. Cam apologizes for not visiting him more in the hospital. Oscar thanks him for being his friend when he needed him and being there for Joss. She interrupts and asks what he wants to do tomorrow and the day after that. He turns and looks at Edward and Lila before saying, “I need to go home now.” They go outside. She tells him it’s too early, but he says it’s later than she thinks. He’s tried to hold on but can’t keep everyone in limbo. Oscar tells her how much he loves her, but he’s ready to go. They kiss. Lila and Edward walk passed them.

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Joss is startled by Oscar General HospitalJoss falls asleep in Oscar’s room at the Quartermaine house. He opens his eyes and looks over at her. Lila and Edward are in the doorway. He gets out of bed and gives Joss a kiss before leaving. She wakes up and realizes he’s dead. Down on the steps, Kim is suddenly startled. Out in the mausoleum, Monica says it will be quite a reunion when she goes. She wishes them all good night.

At the hospital, Sonny and Carly talk about what a miracle a new life is. Down the hall, Liz assures Terry that she did everything she could for Oscar.

Trina offers to help Cam General HospitalAt Charlie’s, Trina sits down with Cam and offers to help him with his homework. He has to write an essay about friendship. Later, Cam gets a chocolate volcano while Trina reads his homework. It’s about Oscar and how good his intentions were.

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