Shiloh catches Sam snooping General Hospital
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At Dawn of Day, Sam snoops through the office files before getting a text from Milo warning her Shiloh is on the way. She ducks out and bumps into Shiloh in the hall. She makes an excuse, but he tells her she shouldn’t be in the office. Sam says she wants to prove she’s worthy of the trust. As she tells him how ready she is, Milo jogs up and interrupts, asking about courses. After those two leave, Shiloh goes into the office and looks at his files. He stares at a photo of Sam and says he’s eager to find out what she has to share.

Valerie and Chase follow a lead General HospitalIn the hospital elevator, Valerie and Chase wonder if DA Dawson is trying to protect Shiloh. They decide to ignore her orders and search for Kristina. She makes a call to get Kristina’s number traced. At the nurses’ station, Liz finds Finn looking grim. He asks if she’s heard from Hayden lately. She hasn’t. Meanwhile, Jordan collapses and Stella rushes over to her. She calls for help and Liz and Finn rush over. They get her into a bed and check her out. Once she’s awake, Finn says he will be consulting on her case from now on. She has a continuing infection in her kidney and they need to try new treatments. Stella follows him out and asks what’s really happening. A call from Curtis comes for Jordan but she ignores it. Liz advises her to come clean with him about what’s going on.

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Neil advises Alexis General HospitalNeil and Sonny visit Alexis at her place and inform her that Kristina called Valerie. The lawyer starts freaking out. Neil sits them down and gives them a strategy for dealing with their daughter during the next session. Valerie and Chase show up. As Neil hides, Alexis reluctantly lets them in and the cops are surprised to see Sonny there. They ask about the phone call. Alexis says they just swapped phones by accident. Valerie suggests they track the phone, but the lawyer insists she knows where her daughter is and refuses to tell them her location. Once the cops leave, Sonny warns Alexis that she’s under surveillance now. Neil returns and stresses how important it is that she come to therapy, but Sonny doesn’t think she can risk the cops following her. After he exits, Alexis realizes the cops will be watching her car, not her.

Franco and Drew talk grief General HospitalFranco finds Drew at the Quartermaine estate. He’s brought a painting as a gift for Oscar. Drew tells him about how hard all of this, especially for Oscar. They discuss the difficulty of grief. Franco opens up about how much he is still grieving for Kiki and how much he misses her. He paints and waits for the time when remembering her life won’t be overwhelmed by her death. It’s very slow going. Drew is quiet but thanks him. Franco promises to always be there for him.

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Ava gets a mysterious call General HospitalAt the Metro Court, Ava gets a call from a blocked number. Mac grabs the phone. It’s a wrong number. Kevin and Ava don’t believe it. Lulu says that the video of Ryan’s memorial is getting a lot of views. Felicia is sure that will bring him back to Port Charles. Lulu and Ava make a video about her relationship with Ryan. Tearfully, she talks about what a connection she had with ‘Kevin’. She’s realized that she fell in love with an imitation of Kevin… but now she is getting to know the real Kevin and he’s a great source of support. Across the room, Kevin and Mac worry about Ryan coming after Felicia. The shrink regrets not turning his brother in to the cops when he found out he was alive. He owes it to the people who died to capture his brother. Chase and Valerie arrive for espresso and plot their stakeout of Alexis.

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Curtis questions a lead General HospitalIn an alley, Curtis offers Timmy money for information on who hired him to rob the pharmacy. He doesn’t know any names but tells Curtis about her bumper sticker and plate. Jordan calls him and she asks him to come back.

Curtis arrives at General Hospital to see Jordan. Stella joins them and then Finn. The doctor explains that if Jordan doesn’t respond to treatment fast, she will need a transplant immediately. Down the hall, Franco stops by to see Liz and tells her about visiting Drew. He wishes there was more he could do to help him.

Sonny joins Milo and Sam on the street to talk about their progress. She explains that she needs to become a member of the trust so she’ll have access to the pledges. She’s willing to do whatever it takes.

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