Lucy questions Kevin about Ava General Hospital
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At the Corinthos compound, Sonny is cooking in the kitchen when Sam and Jason show up. She asks how things have been going with Kristina. Sonny says she’s shut down and offers to help her get Kristina’s pledge back. Neil talks to Jason and Sonny about Kristina General HospitalAfter Sam takes off, Neil joins them. He says there has been a little progress and Kristina seems to be relaxed with Max. Neil warns that there is still a long way to go and urges them not to ask her about the pledge in case anything negative happens. They talk about her phone call and Jason guesses it must have been to Valerie. They tell the shrink that she’s a cop. Neil worries but they assure him that they can keep people hidden. The doctor is more worried that they will turn Kristina against them and that could have long term detrimental effects on her mental health.

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Milo talks to Shiloh about Dawn of Day General HospitalMilo shows up at the Dawn of Day house as ‘Mark Turner’. Milo starts quoting to Shiloh from his book and explains it changed his life. He wants to learn to love himself and sobs to Shiloh about breaking up with his girlfriend and losing his parents. Sam arrives and Milo leaves for a seminar. Shiloh asks Sam is she’s back to finish what they started in the attic. He has work to do and says it will have to wait. She sneaks into the office to sort through the pledge files. Downstairs, Milo excitedly questions Shiloh about how he can help out with the group and asks for a tour. Shiloh offers to show him around after dinner and walks off to find Sam. Milo sends her a text warning. She slips out and bumps into Shiloh in the hall.

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Curtis talks to Timmy about the robbery General HospitalIn an alley, Curtis calls Jordan to check on her. He explains that he has a lead on the pharmacy break-in. He gets off the line as Timmy shows up. They negotiate and Timmy explains someone tried to hire him to break into the pharmacy. With a little prodding, Timmy admits it was a woman and she had a list of things to steal.

At the hospital, Lucy talks to Jordan about the Nurses’ Ball. She’s hoping that Curtis can perform again this year. Franco interrupts and says he wants to do a duet. Lucy isn’t sure due to his reputation. Valerie and Chase tell Margaux and Jordan about Kristina General HospitalJordan sticks up for him and says he’s been a great help to the police. After he’s gone and Margaux shows up, Lucy asks her if she has any performance talents. That doesn’t go well. After Lucy walks off, the DA tells Jordan she’s not looking well. Valerie and Chase arrive and announce they want to launch an investigation into Kristina’s disappearance. They tell the DA she was last seen at Dawn of Day. Margaux is defensive and asks Chase if he’s sure Kristina’s family don’t know where she is. Valerie tells the DA how concerned she is. Jordan thinks it would be prudent to investigate but Margaux disagrees, pointing out that Kristina’s parents have given them no indication she’s in trouble. Chase wonders if she’s trying to protect Sonny or Shiloh. This leads nowhere. The irritated cops leave, determined to investigate without approval. Jordan walks down the corridor and collapses.

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Mac Laura and Felicia at Ryan's memorial General HospitalLulu and Laura are in the graveyard talking about their plan to trap Ryan. Felicia drags a reluctant Mac over. Ava and Kevin arrive next to bury Ryan’s hand. Still skeptical about this plan, Mac reminds everyone that crazy and stupid aren’t the same thing. Franco joins them, unknowing this is part of a trap. Lulu films Kevin as he commemorates his brother. Ava cries on his shoulder. They gloat and trash Ryan, stomping on his grave and hoping he rots.

Kevin, Franco, Ava and the others go to the Metro Court. Franco asks Ava what’s going on between she and Kevin. Lulu records them as they explain how they’ve developed a connection since the debacle with Ryan. Lucy walks in and is baffled by this. She starts lecturing Kevin and he tries to reassure her. Lucy assumes that he’s sleeping with Ava and evicts him from her real estate property before storming off in tears. Ava eats olives and Franco scratches his head. Lulu says their video is already trending. Ava’s phone rings.

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