Harmony on General Hospital

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Ava crashes a meeting between Curtis and Julian at the Metro Court bar and lets them know she doesn’t need protection from herself any longer because she believes Ryan is dead. Nearby, Sonny meets with Jason and learns Brick found evidence the cup was drugged. Sonny is furious and wants Shiloh eliminated. Jason reminds Sonny if they take Shiloh out then he may risk losing Kristina forever.

At the Floating Rib, Kevin is shocked that Laura wants to go along with Felicia and Ava’s plan to draw Ryan out, but he calls Ava and lets her know they are in. Later, Ava arrives and after learning they are moving forward, heads to the bar for a celebratory drink. Laura follows and lets her know Kevin is still her husband and this is a fake romance. Ava swears she has zero interest in Kevin and only sees the face of the man who murdered her daughter in his. Meanwhile, Chase confronts Michael and accuses him and his family of kidnapping Kristina.

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At General Hospital, TJ confronts his mom with the fact that if her kidney fails while she’s on dialysis then she could die. Jordan knows, but Curtis doesn’t, and she doesn’t want him to. She begs TJ to let her handle this in her own way. Later, Curtis arrives to pick Jordan up and take her to dinner. Curtis asks TJ to look after his mother for him while he’s in Canada for a case he’s working on.

At Kelly’s, Willow cries to Harmony that as her mother she should have protected her, and now she’s nothing to her. Harmony reveals she found Willow’s pregnancy test in the trash after she left, and she didn’t tell Shiloh. Willow claims she had a miscarriage and wonders if her mother will tell Shiloh. Harmony won’t, which Willow believes is only because she wants Shiloh for herself. She accuses her mother of being so obsessed with the leader that she pimped her own daughter out to him knowing she’d have to have sex with him to join the trust. Willow storms out in tears.

In the Dawn of Day house attic, Sam begins to undress in front of Shiloh after pressing a button on her phone.

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At the safe house, Kristina uses Alexis’ phone to call Valerie, but Alexis stops her daughter before she can tell the cop anything. When questioned about the number, Kristina refuses to tell them who she called and stomps off. Alexis wonders why Neil is risking his freedom and career to help them. He doesn’t want to lose another person to a situation like this and can’t divulge anymore. Alexis gathers it was more than a case and was personal. As they talk, Kristina eavesdrops and hears Alexis tell Neil that she doesn’t even recognize her own daughter when she looks into her eyes anymore, and she wants her daughter back.

Back at the Dawn of Day house, Valerie enters and calls out to Kristina. Sam and Shiloh head downstairs. Valerie explains she is looking for Kristina, but Sam and Shiloh don’t know where she is. Valerie asks them to have Kristina call her if she returns. Val leaves, and Shiloh tells Sam he believes it’s time they take things to the next level. He instructs her to go home and he will let her know the next step of the process. Sam departs. Later, Harmony returns fills Shiloh in that Willow is hostile and defensive, and she refuses to return to them. Harmony believes after the encounter it would be best that she returns to Beecher’s Corner.

Valerie finds Chase with Michael at the Floating Rib. Chase warns Michael that if his family took Kristina then they could face kidnapping charges. Michael has nothing to say and departs. Valerie brings Chase up to speed on the strange phone call from Kristina and finding Sam with a shirtless Shiloh at the Dawn of Day house. Val thinks Kristina may have run off knowing Shiloh was into Sam and not her, but Chase isn’t sure and insists they continue to look into her disappearance.

Sam meets with Jason in a back alley and runs into his arms. She cries as she reveals the scene she narrowly escaped. He warns her not to drink anything Shiloh gives her because they know for sure he Shiloh drugged Kristina but can’t connect it to him. Sam realizes she has to keep going in order to get the evidence they need.

Laura and Kevin return home and make love to celebrate their reunion, before staging a fake break-up as part of their plan to lure Ryan out.

Michael meets with Sonny at the Metro Court to warn him that Detective Chase thinks they’ve taken Kristina, but Sonny says he’ll never find proof.

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