Kristina refuses to listen to her family General Hospital

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At the cabin, Michael tells Kristina how much he misses her and wants her to come home. She can’t; she made a promise and can never go back. Sonny asks if Shiloh is holding something over her. Kristina refuses to walk away from Dawn of Day. Michael asks Kristina to go home with him General HospitalAlexis starts pacing. Her daughter explains that the cult got her to stop wallowing and makes her happier than she’s ever been. They question her about her future and remind her that she used to be into dancing and business. She explains she was trying things until she found what she wanted. Kristina refuses to listen to more of this. She accuses them of being hypocrites, trying to brainwash her, and threatens to have them arrested. Alexis refuses to let her leave. She joins Sonny and Neil outside. Back inside, Kristina swipes Alexis’ phone.

Sam asks Shiloh about the trust General HospitalAt the Dawn of Day house, Sam tells Shiloh that she wants to prove her faith in him. He says she will take her place in the trust soon but she’s not ready yet. Sam starts talking about their ‘connection’ until Harmony interrupts. She warns Sam that the path to the trust is long. Sam wonders who is really in charge. Harmony has to go out on an errand. Shiloh gives her a pep talk and then they place their hands on each other’s chests to exchange energy. Once Harmony is gone, Sam asks what that was about. He offers to show her the next step and takes off his shirt. Sam gulps. Shiloh says they need to get over their fears of their bodies and asks her to reveal herself. He takes her by the hand and they go upstairs.

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Curtis asks TJ about drugs General HospitalAt the hospital, Curtis finds TJ and Molly. He asks TJ about some drugs for a case. They discuss Jordan’s recovery. Later, Jordan comes out from treatment and talks to Curtis. He says the stolen drugs are what would be needed to treat a severed hand. She urges him to chase this lead. He thinks it’s a thin one and doesn’t want to leave her. Jordan assures him that she can manage.

Harmony meets with Willow General HospitalChase and Valerie, (played by Paulina Bugembe), walk into Kelly’s. He sends his partner to order while he checks on Willow. She fills him in on her problems. Valerie interrupts to say hello and then takes off with Chase following. When he joins her outside, they talk about what a dirtbag Shiloh is. TJ and Molly wander by. Molly tells them that Kristina has left Dawn of Day. She hasn’t been able to get in touch with her though. Once they walk off, Chase wonders if Kristina left on her own. He suspects that Michael or Sonny could have kidnapped her. Valerie thinks that could only make things worse, so they need to find her. Back inside, Harmony joins Willow and tells her that Dawn of Day would be happy to take her back. They argue about how much Shiloh misses her and how the group needs a teacher. Willow accuses Harmony of betraying her when, as her mother, she should have protected her. Across the room, TJ shows Molly his mom’s medical files. She’s been hiding something.

Ava asks Kevin to help her General HospitalAt the Metro Court bar, Ava tells Kevin that she plans to take down his brother and she wants his help. She thinks they should hold a funeral to lure him back and she wants Kevin to act as her boyfriend. He thinks this plan is ill-conceived and would get her killed. He has too much to lose to get involved with this. She’s baffled to learn Laura is taking him back and starts guilting him about Kiki. He says he has other debts to pay and won’t settle theirs at the expense of his wife.

Laura listens to Felicia's plan General HospitalLaura joins Felicia at The Floating Rib. Felicia wants to talk about their plans for Ava. Laura would rather leave Ryan behind. Felicia waves around a baseball bat and talks about getting justice for living in fear. She gives Laura her nightmare journal. She’s been having nightmares again ever since learning that Ryan was alive. They need to be sure that he’s dead so they can have peace. Later, Kevin joins Laura. They talk about how Ava wants to pull him into her plan. Jordan calls her and says that she has a lead on Ryan and is sending someone after him. When Laura sits down with Kevin, she tells him Ava’s plan isn’t crazy. Meanwhile, Chase meets with Michael. The cop demands to know where Kristina is.

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Felicia joins Ava at the Metro Court. Ava explains that Kevin refuses to work with her and Laura took him back.

TJ returns to the hospital and corners his mom. He tells Jordan they need to have an honest conversation about the danger facing her remaining kidney.

Valerie arrives outside of the Dawn of Day house. Kristina calls her.

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