Laura sees Ryan's hand General Hospital

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Scott arrives at Ava’s penthouse and she pulls him in, saying she needs a hero. He wonders if he should be nervous. Ava says he’s her best friend. He spits out his coffee when she asks him to fall in love with her. Ava asks Scott for a favor General HospitalHe admits he’s always had feelings for her but doesn’t understand. She tells him Ryan is alive and they need to lure him out. She thinks they can both get justice this way. Scott refuses. He cares but she’s unspooling and he’s afraid she’ll be back on the vodka. Ava is determined to kill Ryan and asks for help. The lawyer doesn’t want to take advantage of her, but she begs him to. When he won’t, she kicks him out.

Kevin and Laura kiss at the hospital only to be interrupted by a package delivery from the RCMP. Kevin opens the box. Laura is terrified to see it contains a hand on ice. They both think Ryan might still be on the loose. She asks him to move back in so they can work on their problems. He wants to but thinks he should work on himself first, particularly his arrogance. Kevin beats himself up over what his brother did. The shrink needs to confront the same tendencies in himself. Laura says he doesn’t have to do that alone. He’s made a mistake but she’s sure he’s a good man. She asks him home again. He apologizes more and she forgives him some more. They hug and he thanks her. He’s going to destroy the hand and then meet her at home later. He has a stop to make. After he leaves, Scott shows up and tells Laura about Ava’s ‘kooky’ plan. Meanwhile, Molly and TJ wander the halls and she worries about her sister going missing. Alexis pops up and informs her daughter about what’s happening with Kristina. After she leaves, TJ tells Molly that her sister is a survivor.

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Shiloh finds Jason getting his frustrations out on a punching bag at the gym. Shiloh goes on and on about Danny and Sam and then wanders off laughing.

Sasha and Michael discuss skiing General HospitalSasha and Michael lounge in bed and discuss skiing. She heads to the shower. They get dressed and keep talking about skiing. He admits that he cancelled a trip to Aspen to treat his little sister. She’s impressed. He has to go and look out for his other sister and leaves her his number so they can get together again.

Sonny Sam and Carly discuss Kristina General HospitalAt the Metro Court, Sonny worries to Carly about the de-programming. Sam interrupts to say it has to work for her sister. The three wonder what Kristina said in her pledge. He thinks they need to find it and make sure it never sees the light of day. Sam takes off. Carly thinks she’s lost it. Michael walks in and his mom notices how happy he looks. He grabs some coffee and leaves. Sasha comes in and asks for a salad. She tells Carly what a good workout she had this afternoon. Jason comes in and gets a call from Brick confirming that the cup from Dawn of Day was drugged. He wants to handle Shiloh himself. Across the room, Kevin joins Ava at a table to tell her about the hand. He says she can put his brother behind her. “We are going to use your brother’s own hand to bury him,” she says.

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Neil advises Alexia and Sonny General HospitalAt the cabin, Kristina thinks Neil should let her go. She starts quoting Shiloh’s book. Neil tells her that her family wants to talk to her, and he offers to help control the conversation for her. Later, Alexis and Sonny arrive. Neil tells them that they need to control their powerful personalities. They must let Kristina have leadership. Michael joins them and Kristina comes in. As they sit in a circle, Kristina becomes instantly defensive. She talks but Sonny doesn’t understand anything she’s seeing. Kristina complains that her parents leave her feeling disconnected, lonely and like she should be someone else. They are all getting upset. Michael tells his sister how smart she is. He’s sure she can see through Shiloh. He asks her to come home. She made a promise and can never go back home.

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At Dawn of Day, Harmony goes through old photos in Willow’s file before turning to Kristina’s. Later, Sam shows up and finds the files. Harmony interrupts and takes the files upstairs. Sam sneaks upstairs but Harmony locks the door. Sam heads back downstairs and runs into Shiloh. She tells him she wants to prove her faith and take the next step.

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