A mariachi band plays in the cantina as a Mexican police officer lists all of Luke's most recent crimes. When Luke hears that disturbing the peace is among them, he says that the crickets are louder down there than he is! Tracy has had enough of her delinquent spouse and threatens to leave him in Mexico to rot, but she's worried about Lulu. Luke whispers that the cop just wants a bribe, so Tracy forks over the money. Luke is ready to head back to Port Charles, but Tracy wants to wait until they hear from Edward that his charges have been dropped. As they talk, another cop comes for Luke and Tracy pulls out more cash.

After the cop's gone, Tracy calls Edward and learns that the wheels of justice are grinding slowly because Scott Baldwin keeps coming up with more charges to slap on Luke. Tracy hangs up and tells Luke to prepare himself for what he sees at Shadybrook. When another cop shows up behind her, she pulls out another wad of cash. This time, she is arrested for bribery and taken off to jail.

Back in Port Charles, Maxie has convinced Spinelli that they need to get Lulu out of Shadybrook before that place makes her worse! Maxie dresses as a doctor, with Spinelli as her patient, and they pop into Lulu's room. They explain their plan, but Lulu hands over the note that she just received. They quickly assume that she is being blackmailed and promise to help expose who is doing it. Lulu calmly tells them that she wrote the letters herself during a hallucination and is likely getting worse. Maxie decides to put their plan into action and sends Spinelli out into the hallway to distract the doctor while she slips off with Lulu.

Happy to help, Spinelli proceeds to make small talk with a psychotherapist who seems very challenged by his new patient with 'third person delusions'. Before long, Spinelli is put into a straight jacket and a matching white padded cell.

Nadine and Nik scramble to pull themselves together as Carly bursts into the study at Wyndemere. Nadine immediately assumes that Carly has come to flirt with Nikolas some more. She says that she saw them at The Metro Court and if Nikolas is foolish enough to go for her, she's out of here! After she's gone, Nik continues to look for his shirt and finally Carly produces it. She tells him that she can't do business with a half naked man and then hands it over.

That's when Jax walks into the room. Carly lets him believe that she and Nikolas are personally involved, as well as professionally. Jax barely skips a beat and says that he went over their contract and he has first right of refusal on any sale of shares. He promises to slap them both with a lawsuit and then leaves. Carly apologizes to Nik for dragging him into her mess, and is bummed that Jax didn't care that she was involved with someone else. Nik isn't so sure, and then asks if she is still willing to sell to him. He explains that he wants The Metro Court more than ever now that Jax says he can't have it!

Over at Sonny's house, Max tells Sonny that Karpov is making plans to leave the country. Sonny says that he'll be dead first and then tells Max to stay on him and let him know when he makes a move. Ric shows up and Sonny assumes he's come on behalf of Anthony. Ric says that he's not here on business, he's just checking in. He doesn't miss the chance, however, to dog Jason for abandoning Sonny when he needs him the most.

Jason is flat on the floor over at Liz's art studio. He fell off of the ladder and Elizabeth can't help but laugh because it took a ladder to actually hurt 'Stone Cold'. She explains that maybe he is like a wild animal and only gets hurt while in captivity. As she wraps his sprained ankle, he says that he was distracted because he was watching her. They start looking at pictures of Jake, and almost kiss, but Sonny calls and demands that Jason come see him.

Robin and Patrick have completed their first lamaz class at GH and Patrick accidentally beheaded the doll they were working with. Robin assures him that he'll be a great birth partner. They talk about her decision to go for a natural birth instead of a c-section because Kelly assured her that her HIV status won't be an issue. They move on to wedding talk and Robin gives him one more chance to back out, or at least hold off until after the baby's born. He tells her to plan away, as long as it's not too stressful for her. When they start thinking about baby names, Patrick says that he likes Alyssa Rose. Robin suggests Georgie Rose, but Patrick says that sounds like a stripper. They both laugh and promise to keep having fun when their old and married.

When Jason shows up at Sonny's, he learns that Karpov is about to leave the country. Jason thinks that's good and that Sonny and Kate can live the life they always wanted now. Sonny sees it very differently. He firmly tells Jason to help him now or he'll have to turn to the Zaccharas! He says that he's running out of options and wants to give Jason one more time to return his organization to him. Then, he presents the papers that he had drawn up. Jason simply tells him that he's too smart to hook up with the Zaccharas, and then walks out the door.

Jerry arrives for his date at Sam's apartment and finds her in a bikini. She tells him that it's a beautiful night for the hot tub and eyeballs the camera that she has set up. As Jerry slips into it with her, Alexis comes to the door to talk to Sam. Since no one heard her knock, she walks in and out on the terrace just in time to see Jerry kissing Sam.

Nadine has gone back to GH to work a shift. She's rattled about confronting Carly, so she drops a syringe. When she bends down to pick it up, she flashes back to an image of Jerry holding her tight and injecting her with something.

Sonny shows up at the Zacchara mansion and tells Anthony that he's ready to run his organization.

Next on General Hospital:

Because Spinelli is in trouble, Lulu pulls herself together to help Maxie rescue him.

Anthony demands that Sonny marry Claudia as a show of loyalty.

Jason tells Karpov to stay away from Sonny.

Alexis takes Jerry's side instead of Sam's.

Jerry plants prescription drugs in Sam's apartment and calls Mac.

Luke plans to help Tracy, but ends up in a fight with a cop instead.

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