Olivia and Ned react to Oscar on General Hospital

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Finn bounds down the stairs as Anna comes home. She tells him she didn’t find any proof that she’s Robin’s mom. She Finn talks with Anna about Robin on General Hospitalcontemplates telling Robin, but notes all she has is a paranoid theory. Finn explains there are DNA tests to differentiate between twins. Anna knows Robert and Alex would never agree to it. Finn gets paged. Anna tells him to go, adding that she loves him. He returns the sentiment and leaves. Anna looks through photos of Robin and gets an idea. She digs through a box, finds a bracelet and cries.

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At the Metro Court, Sonny, Jason, and Michael speculate what Kristina could have told Shiloh about Sonny. Michael leaves to take Joss over to the Qs to see Oscar. Sonny and Jason continue hashing out the situation. Jason suggests they find the pledges and destroy them. Sonny says they need Sam for that, but Jason fears Sam will get caught.

At the cabin, Alexis demands to know why Neil didn’t tell her he was working with Sonny. He explains he didn’t talk with Neil Talks DoD with Alexis on General HospitalSonny until after their impromptu session at The Floating Rib. She asks if he had personal experience with a cult. He reminds her of his professional boundaries, so he won’t be divulging any personal information. After Alexis has left, Sonny returns to talk with Neil about their intervention and how Shiloh might have leverage over him. Sonny wants to ask Kristina what she told Shiloh, but Neil says absolutely not. If she thinks she’s betrayed him, then she could shatter.

Sam tells Shiloh in the Dawn of Day living room that she’ll be in touch regarding what she finds out about Kristina. Shiloh won’t let her do this alone. In fact, she never has to be alone ever again.

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Julian calls Kim from Charlie’s to tell her he’s thinking about her. Sam and Shiloh enter and ask where Kristina is. Julian says she was supposed to work, but she was a no-show. Alexis walks in and tells everyone not to worry, Kristina got in touch with her. She got cold feet about a big decision and needs time to clear her head. Shiloh asks Alexis to have Krissy contact him and then leaves with Sam. Outside, Shiloh asks Sam to come back to the house to meditate with him. She declines, but he trusts her commitment is deeper than Kristina’s. Back inside, Julian vents to Alexis about her daughter’s irresponsibility as an employee. Alexis pleads Kristina’s case, but Julian admits he’s already stuck his neck out for her, mentioning the loan. Alexis goes off on her ex and then hands him a check. He reluctantly takes it, promising Kristina can keep her job.

Jason prepares to defend Sonny on General HospitalCarly finds Joss in her office working on a song she’s writing with Oscar. Joss says they want to perform it at the Nurses’ Ball. Michael shows up as they discuss giving Oscar something to look forward to. When Joss leaves the office to get her things, Michael promises Carly he’ll look out for his sister. After her kids have left, Jason visits Carly. She tells him about Joss and how she wishes she could shield her from the pain that is coming. Jason notes sometimes you just can’t. Sam stops by to talk to Jason. They head to the hallway, where Sam fills Jason in on recent events. They discuss Sam finding Kristina’s pledge in order to free her. Meanwhile, Carly finds a crumpled piece of paper on the floor.

Back at Dawn of Day, Shiloh looks through a file containing Kristina’s pledge.

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Joss fears she's interrupting on General HospitalNed enters the Q mansion to find Olivia crying over Oscar. She vows to treat him and Kim like royalty as long as they are there. Kim, Drew and Oscar walk through the door. When Drew and Kim go back to the car to get their bags, Oscar asks Ned and Olivia to plan his funeral. They head into the main room where he relays his wishes. Ned thinks they might be getting ahead of themselves, but Oscar knows that’s not true, noting he doesn’t want to put it on his parents. Olivia cries as she reads his list of requests. Olivia might not be able to come through with the “no tears” part, but they assure him everything else is do-able. Joss enters and shows Oscar their song once Ned and Olivia have left. Oscar suggests she get someone else to perform it with her because he might not make it until that night. She becomes emotional but just wants to focus on tweaking the song. Oscar plays the guitar until he grows weak. Kim and Drew return to an empty foyer. Drew notes Kim might be overwhelmed with all the people suddenly around. He vows to back any decision she makes about her needs. Kim knows this is what Oscar wants so she’s all in. Michael finds Kim and assures her the whole family has her back.

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