Franco and Nina discuss their step-kids General Hospital

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Franco strolls into Nina’s office and tells her they need to talk about their step-kids. He says that things have gotten worse for Aidan and that’s Charlotte’s fault. She insists that the girl isn’t a bully. He asks her to convince Charlotte to be Aidan’s friend so the other kids will stop bullying him. Nina agrees to try. When he leaves, she calls Charlotte to set up a playdate.

Chase pays Finn a visit General HospitalChase shows up at Anna’s with non-alcoholic champagne for Finn. When he asks if his brother popped the question, he gets the door shut in his face. A moment later, Finn opens and lets him in. The doctor explains that he was going to propose but Anna’s attention was divided. They talk about women and how their pasts won’t go away. The cop is eager to pop the cork so they can celebrate moving from being strangers to brothers. They toast to it. “Maybe there’s hope for you and dad,” Chase adds. Finn won’t be making any moves in that direction. Chase leaves, urging him to just give Anna the ring.

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Jason realizes Brad is in DoD General HospitalAt General Hospital, Liz calls Franco and tells him they need to work through things as a family. Meanwhile, Brad is looking at the Dawn of Day website when Jason interrupts. He asks again about the test Brad ran on the cup and then notices the website. Brad says the group has helped him de-stress. Brad takes off as Lucas shows up. The doctor tells Jason the group is helping Brad but he’s not into it himself. Lucas heads down the hall and spots Liz looking upset. She tells him that Aidan was excluded from a party and Cam got into a fight. The nurse explains that Franco freaked out because Cam wants his brother to be less gay. She’s sure he’s just being protective. Later, Franco shows up and apologizes to Liz. Down the hall, Lucas asks Brad to spend the night at home rather than Dawn of Day.

Willow makes a confession to Michael General HospitalMichael sits with Willow at Charlie’s. She confesses that her child with Shiloh didn’t die. She gave him up for adoption and feels lousy for going to the therapy group. He’s glad she did, or they wouldn’t have met. Touching her hand, he tells her how happy he is her baby is alive. She’s worried that Shiloh may find him. The teacher warns him that Kristina gave Shiloh a pledge that he can hold over her head. She admits that he still has her pledge. Michael tells her that this has been his sister’s third kidnapping, but this time it’s been for her own good. Willow wants to help. As she exits, Chase calls and asks her to dinner. She says she needs to help a friend.

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Shiloh returns to the Dawn of Day house and tells Sam that he thinks Kristina was kidnapped by Jason. She says that’s possible, but her sister probably had cold feet. He has proof that Jason broke in and is sure Sonny was behind it. He’s sure that Sam can work on Jason so they can find her sister.

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Margaux and Sonny bicker General HospitalMargaux strolls into the Metro Court restaurant and sees Sonny sipping coffee. He suggests she re-open the Ryan case and track him down. She says it’s not in her jurisdiction. He asks for justice. She quotes DoD about letting go of revenge. As they bicker, Jason interrupts. She reminds him that he’s not in jail because Shiloh decided not to charge him for assault. After she walks off, Jason sits down with Sonny and he tells him that the DA was quoting Shiloh’s book. “She’s a true believer and that makes her dangerous,” he says. Jason explains that Brad is part of Dawn of Day too and Shiloh must know they are after him. Sonny decides to get Brick to test the cup. Michael joins them and tells them about the pledge. That means Shiloh might have something on Sonny.

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