Brad reads Shiloh's book to Lucas General Hospital
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Franco arrives at school to get Cam. He wants to help him out, but Cam won’t say anything. They go to the principal’s office.

Shiloh reassures Sam General HospitalSam arrives at the Dawn of Day house. Shiloh hasn’t slept. Worried Sam hasn’t seen her sister and doesn’t know where she is, he promises that they will find her together. When she wants to search her sister’s room, he’s uncomfortable and asks Daisy to help her. The women head upstairs and start looking. Daisy can’t understand why Kristina left. There are consequences for changing your mind. Sam wonders what those are. Daisy asks her to drop it but then keeps talking about it. She mentions ‘the pledge’ but doesn’t explain what it is.

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At Charlie’s, Brad reads Shiloh’s book to Lucas, who isn’t sharing his enthusiasm. Brad wants them to sign up for a family seminar at Dawn of Day. Willow listens in and cringes. Lucas spots her and introduces himself. Brad is uncomfortable to hear that she’s not moving away. As the men exit, she flashes back to her confrontation with Shiloh.

Jason fills in Michael and Carly General HospitalCarly runs into Michael at the hospital. They discuss Kristina. Jason shows up and asks Liz to test a cup for drug residue, no questions asked. While she goes off to take care of that, Jason tells Carly and Michael that he got Kristina away from the cult, but she’s pretty messed up. He’s working an angle to take Shiloh down and Sam’s working another. After Michael takes off, Jason fills Carly in on what happened. He’d like to just get rid of Shiloh but he needs to take this to the cops so Kristina can get over it. They debate this and he insists the strategy is up to Sonny and Sam. The topic turns to Oscar and his latest collapse. Carly says he only has a few days left and she needs to keep busy. Stone Cold offers to shoot some pool with her, but she wants to stick around. Down the hall, Franco shows up with Cam, who isn’t saying anything. Liz and Franco argue with Cam General HospitalFranco tells Liz that Cam was suspended for fighting. Liz wants answers. Cam reluctantly explains that the kid he beat up called Aidan a ‘fairy boy’. He refuses to believe his little brother is like that. Liz says his brother is different but it’s not their job to label him. “Can’t Aidan be a little less gay?” Cam asks. Franco tells him to prove he loves his brother by supporting him. After he angrily walks out, Liz accuses Cam of being upset on his own behalf, not his brother’s. Meanwhile, Shiloh saunters in and bumps into Brad. They talk about their sessions and Brad tells him he’s hoping to bring Lucas next time. Shiloh spots the cup and asks Brad why he has it. When Brad says it’s being tested for drugs, Shiloh says that someone is out to smear the group. He assumes that Jason is out to get him and suggests Brad just tell him that the cup was full of tea. Later, Brad hands the cup to Jason and says there were no traces of drugs.

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Michael arrives at Charlie’s and Willow says she’s willing to talk to his sister. She tells him about how even her mom was involved. He was the first man she ever slept with. Michael guesses that her baby was Shiloh’s. “My baby didn’t die,” she confesses.

Valentin asks Nora for help General HospitalValentin corners Nora at the court house. He needs her services. She offers him a referral, but he says this is about a family case. Lulu has left the country without notice. He wants the custody order amended. She explains that Laura has no legal standing. The Cassadine wants to file for full custody.

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Spencer tells Nina to get Valentin to back off General HospitalNina is startled to walk into her office and find Spencer in her chair. He complains about being exiled from Spoon Island. Spencer tells her to put a leash on his uncle. She advises him to stop antagonizing Valentin. He’s worried that Valentin is trying to cut Laura out of Charlotte’s life. He informs her that he’s being blackmailed. Valentin arrives and eavesdrops as Spencer complains. Nina tells Spencer to give it up, so he suggests that Valentin is keeping secrets with Sasha. Valentin finally interrupts. He calls Nora and informs him that he’s not planning to review the agreement. He warns his nephew that this is the last of his patience. Once Spencer runs away, Nina asks Valentin about Sasha. He says he just offered her some money for shopping.

Shiloh returns to the Dawn of day house and tells Sam that he thinks Jason kidnapped Kristina.

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