Peter and Maxie discuss their feelings General Hospital
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Alexis corners Neil at The Floating Rib. He wants to maintain boundaries and tries to escape, but she insists on an impromptu session. She informs him that her daughter is in a cult. Reluctantly, he sits and lets her explain. Alexis asks Neil for advice General HospitalThe shrink advises her to do nothing. Her daughter is an adult and she needs to treat her like one or things will get worse. She doesn’t have time to wait. He suggests she try using positive memories to urge Kristina into looking at the group more objectively. Then he hands her the bill. Across the room, Maxie tells Peter that she turned down her high school crush. She had to because she has feelings for Peter and thought he had feelings for her too. He thought he’d made it clear that he does. Peter admits he cares about her more than he ever has about anyone. They start kissing. Anna and Finn watch them from a table. He holds a ring box in his hands. She’s happy to see Maxie and Peter kissing. Finn tells Anna that he loves her. Robert interrupts. Scorpio explains that Anna was the courier in Berlin. Anna gets upset and walks off. Maxie pulls away from Peter. He tells her they would be great together. Lulu arrives and informs them that she’s leaving Port Charles. She needs a reset and doesn’t know how long it will take. Maxie understands and will miss her. Peter says she can go but he wants her to stay on staff and write a book about her experiences. He wishes her well. Lulu’s jaw drops when Maxie kisses him. Anna joins Peter at the bar and he says that if she encouraged Maxie, that was a very mom thing to do. Meanwhile, Maxie confirms for Lulu that she and Peter are ‘a thing’. Her friend is happy for her. They toast to their friendship. Peter returns and Lulu takes off. Anna returns to Robert and Finn. Scorpio says that the memories of Alex’s she has must be valuable or they wouldn’t have bothered implanting them in Anna.

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Sam fills in Sonny and Jason General HospitalSonny and Jason go to his office and discuss what to do about Shiloh. Jason thinks that the longer they wait, the worse things will get. Sam shows up and explains that Shiloh has some influential followers, like Margaux. That makes sense to Sonny; she’s the kind of person Shiloh would target. After Sam exits, Jason says they should eliminate Shiloh now. They analyze the cult’s strategy. Sonny can’t figure out what the point of the cult is. They wonder if he uses people for ransom. Jason suggests there might be a way to take him down legally. Neil arrives. Sonny invited him.

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Kristina tells Sam about Harmony General HospitalKristina brings the money she borrowed to Shiloh at Dawn of Day. Later, Sam arrives and tells her sister that she wants to schedule another session with Shiloh. Kristina is thrilled and admits she was jealous about her sister earlier. Excitedly, she tells Sam that something big is happening tonight. Harmony arrives with Daisy. They go to the attic to set up the session while Kristina fills Sam in on how Harmony runs the Beecher’s Corners section of the group. Harmony and Daisy return and Sam takes off. She sneaks back in and heads to the attic. Amid the pillows and candles, she finds a tattooing kit.

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Chase and Willow are defensive with Shiloh General HospitalAt school, Willow assures Chase that she wouldn’t go back to Dawn of Day for any reason. She tells her boyfriend that some parents wanted her fired. Willow wonders if she really is biased against a student but hopes that’s impossible. Chase encourages her and admires how passionate she is about children. “She’s always been that way,” Shiloh says as he interrupts. She is creeped out and Chase is defensive. He threatens to charge Shiloh with harassment. Shiloh takes out an old picture of her smiling when she was in the cult. She insists that it was never her home and asks him to leave. Shiloh says there will always be a place for her in the family. After he exits, she rips up the picture. She doesn’t think that she’ll be free until she gets rid of the tattoo.

Shiloh returns to Dawn of Day while Sam is still in the attic.

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