Ava wants to kill Ryan on General Hospital
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Finn meets Chase at Sonny’s gym to work out, something Finn isn’t looking forward to. In between sets Finn reveals he’s bought a ring for Anna. Chase is thrilled and thinks Anna will say yes and he will be the best man ever. He wishes Finn luck and gives him a big hug.

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At the Floating Rib, Anna spots Maxie alone and chats with her. Peter walks in and Anna inquires if she was waiting for her son, but Maxie wasn’t. Anna asks about what is going on between them, and Maxie insists Peter only sees her as a friend. Maxie admits she thought there could be something more. Anna advises Maxie if she wants more with Peter then she should tell him how she feels. At the bar, Peter speaks with Chet, who is working there part time. Chet asks Peter if he thinks he stands any chance at a relationship with Maxie. Peter is surprised that Chet’s interested in her. Chet’s not made a move out of respect for Nathan, and isn’t sure Maxie’s ready to move on. Peter suggests the only way to find out is ask Maxie.

Valentine and Nina arrive for a meeting with Willow at school with the principal and a union representative. Willow apologizes for the way she spoke to them in their last exchange. Nina glares at her and Valentin refuses to accept her apology. He accuses her of singling out his daughter and bullying her. Nina tells the principal that Miss Tate has no business being a teacher and they want her fired. The union representative notes Miss Tate has an unblemished record, and the principal adds that just because they don’t get along with her is not grounds for her being terminated. Valentin warns if Miss Tate continues to bully his daughter then he will see them in court. Nina and Valentina leave, and the principal advises Willow to be more careful in the future, because if the Cassadines make more trouble she won’t get a second chance.

At Laura’s, Laura suggests Lulu take some time away from Port Charles and give herself a chance to catch her breath. She offers Lulu her flat at Paris and pushes Lulu to focus on taking care of herself.

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At Ava’s, Jordan reveals the Canadian Mounties have located Ryan’s right hand, and it is possible he cut it off to make everyone believe he was dead. However, the Canadians and the US feds believe Ryan is dead and the case is closed, and Margaux could decide to close the case in Port Charles. Jordan leaves, and Ava refuses to believe Ryan is dead. She regrets the last words she said to Kiki were in anger, and all she can do for Kiki now is to make Ryan pays with his life.

Lucy finds Kevin at Charlie’s ranting at his bank over the phone because he’s been locked out of his accounts. He tells her about his troubles at General Hospital and with his marriage. Lucy offers him a warm place to stay, an empty apartment she’s been charged with renting. He accepts. At another table, Lulu meets with Valentin and Nina and explains she’s going overseas for a little bit and is taking Rocco, but she will be back, so not to get used to her not being around. She also reveals so that Charlotte’s schedule remains stable, her mother will be caring for Charlotte in her place.

Jordan stops by Laura’s place with the news on Ryan’s hand, and the possibility he is alive. Jordan also warns her that Margaux knows she posted Kevin’s bail and soon others will. She cautions Margaux may close the case on Ryan and put her focus on prosecuting Kevin. Later, Laura gets a call from Ava about the Ryan situation.

Back at The Floating Rib, Maxie excuses herself to take a call from Lulu, and Peter uses the chance to talk to Anna. Anna steers the conversation towards Maxie and their relationship. Peter says she’s been a good friend, but Anna wonders if that is all she is. Peter feels Maxie has made it clear they are only friends, but she thinks he should tell Maxie how he really feels about her. Meanwhile, Maxie chats with Chet at the bar and picks up on that he’s flirting with her. He asks if she’d like to go out sometime. Later, Finn joins Anna, who is watching Peter and Maxie’s dancing around one another at the bar. Finn fidgets with the ring in his hand. Meanwhile, Peter asks Maxie how she has been. She reveals Chet asked her out, but she turned him down because she has feelings for someone else.

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