Shiloh instructs Sam on General Hospital

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Liz and Franco share a kiss in the General Hospital locker room. She asks if he’s had that chat with Cameron about sex, but he hasn’t and doesn’t think he should be giving Cam advice. Liz knows he loves her boys and thinks he is the perfect person to speak with Cam. Later, Liz speaks with Bobbie and asks about raising Lucas and any regrets she has. Bobbie regrets not being more supportive when Lucas came out to her. Liz opens up about Aiden, and she wants him to always know he’s surrounded by love.

Joss, Trina and Cam eat at Charlie’s. Oscar joins them, and Trina asks Oscar and Joss why she saw the two of them headed into the courthouse this morning. At the bar, Margaux reads the Dawn of Day book.

Michael speaks with Sonny at his gym, and warns him that going after Shiloh will only push Kristina away. Michael believes Kristina has always leaned on him and he may be able to reach her, or at least be there when she realizes she needs to get out.

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At the Dawn of Day house, Kristina shares her trust offering with Shiloh. He listens to the secret and thanks her for the offering, which he knows could devastate her family given their standing in the community. Shiloh explains the next step in joining the circle is a ten-thousand-dollar payment, which she can pay in monthly installments. She is shocked and doesn’t have that cash, but agrees to see if she can pick up more shifts to make the money.

Jason and Sam meet on the footbridge to discuss Shiloh and Kristina. Jason does not like her and Danny getting close to the guy and thinks there are other ways to deal with Shiloh, but Sam feels Kristina needs to be the one to leave Dawn of Day on her own. She asks him to convince Sonny to give her more time before making a move

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Back at Charlie’s, Oscar and Joss explain they are just trying to tie things up, so Trina lets it go. Cam gets a call from Franco, and he assumes Franco is calling to remind him about his community service. Franco wants to see him and asks Cam to meet him at the hospital. Trina and Cam head out together so Joss and Oscar can have time alone. Later, Kristina checks in with Julian and asks for some more shifts, and admits she needs ten thousand dollars to invest in her future. Michael interrupts to talk to his sister. She promises she will get him his money, but he offers to help her if she’s having financial troubles. He also promises to be there for her no matter what. Julian refills Margaux’s coffee and asks about the Ryan Chamberlain case. She assures him the PCPD is doing everything possible to find Ryan. Later, Julian gives Kristina the money she needs, which thrills her. He trusts she’s good to pay him back.

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Shiloh blindfolds Sam on General Hospital Sam arrives at the Dawn of Day house and Shiloh explains she needs to embrace the darkness to embrace the light. He wants to blindfold her, but she stops him and offers to put the blindfold on herself. He’s impressed. He instructs her to sense the energy passing between them as he circles her, which she does. He asks her to let her guard down and do whatever she feels compelled to do. She gets close to him and admits this feels right. Shiloh removes her blindfold and says she did well and that is it for today. Sam leaves, and Shiloh watches a video he recorded of his session with her. Outside, Margaux runs into Sam as she’s leaving. Margaux is meeting Shiloh for a class.

Jason meets with Sonny at the gym and explains Sam wants more time to get to Shiloh. Sonny is beginning to see Sam and Michael’s point that eliminating Shiloh could push Kristina away even further. He agrees to give Sam and Michael more time to get Kristina out. He also thinks there is another option, someone else who can help them.

Cam meets Franco at General Hospital where Franco gives him a talk about sex, social media and sexting, along with the #metoo movement and respecting a woman.

Oscar and Joss go to the footbridge and talk about the clerk at the courthouse laughing at them when they asked for a marriage certificate. He brought her to the bridge to put a love lock on the bridge like lovers in Paris do. They put the lock on the bridge and hope it starts a tradition in Port Charles.

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