Alexis hands out envelopes from Gail general hospital
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People gather at the hospital, pooling around the nurses’ station. Scott arrives last and Alexis hands out envelopes to everyone. They contain pieces of the original blueprint for the hospital with instructions to go to the place on the blueprint where they will find another envelope from Gail. Scott looks forward to the chance to follow Gail’s instructions for once.

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Lucy and Monica talk about Alan general hospitalLesley and Monica end up in the old cafeteria, which is now a locker room. They snipe at each other as they dig up their envelopes. Lesley accuses her of chasing all the men in the hospital and Monica accuses her of acting like a ‘saintly earth mother’. After Lesley storms off, Monica goes down the hall and finds Lucy going through all her old Nurses’ Ball gowns. They find one of Alan’s old pocket squares and recall his performances at the Ball. Lucy apologizes for what she did to them and hands Monica the square. Meanwhile, Bobbie and Felicia find their envelopes by a wall of photos and recall their losses. Bobbie says there have been a lot more wins and they should celebrate that.

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Laura tries helping Scott figure out his piece of the blueprint. He recalls Gail dragging him out of Greenwich Village and back to Port Charles. Scott and Franco catch up general hospitalIf it wasn’t for her, he never would have had Laura in his life. She finds his envelope. He hopes it contains advice about how to continue without Lee and Gail. Later, Franco bumps into his father and apologizes for not telling him about his plans with Jordan and not being there for him when Gail died. Scott shakes his head and explains that he treated his parents the same way. He assures his son that he will never turn his back on him. Because of him, he knows what his own parents went through. Scott gives him a hug. Alexis and Julian are on the steps. He doesn’t even know why he’s there. She admits that she told Gail about him a lot when she was her lawyer. Julian doesn’t approve of matchmaking from the beyond. Alexis insists they are ‘finito’.

Sonny and Laura discuss their past general hospitalSonny and Laura sit in the chapel. They remember the first time they met. She says he’s a good guy in a bad guy’s clothes. After he leaves, Curtis joins her and thanks her for having so much confidence in Jordan. Mac and Maxie look for the old vending machine area. She thanks him for always being there for her. He admits that it took him a while to embrace being a suburban dad, but it has been his greatest joy. Down the hall, Bobbie finds Liz searching for her envelope. They remember Audrey. Liz says that Bobbie was a role model too. After they find Liz’s envelope, Bobbie sneaks into the pediatric ward to look at babies. Carly joins her and breaks the news that she’s pregnant. Bobbie hopes she’s being responsible about it. Sonny joins them and Bobbie congratulates him, saying that miracles can happen. Later, Scott bumps into Bobbie. He hopes they can drink wine and remember Gail more often. They remember their past and he says he would never change what they had or their friendship.

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Lucy finds Kevin sitting alone and confused. She offers to help him with his blueprint and says she’ll always stand by him. He doesn’t want to give her false hope and reminds her that he loves Laura. That doesn’t mean that what happened between them wasn’t beautiful. She tears up and then takes him to the place on his blueprint. Kevin and Laura recall his proposal general hospitalIt’s the chapel. Laura is still there. Lucy finds Kevin’s envelope and tells him this is where he’s meant to be before leaving them alone. Kevin misses Laura and wishes he hadn’t ruined things for them. They recall the night he proposed. When Lesley interrupts, she tells Kevin she’s glad he’s safe. He leaves them alone. They talk about their past and Lesley tells her how proud she is of her becoming the mayor. Upstairs, Lucy hunts down Scott. He wishes they’d had a proper love story. It always got complicated. They spot Kevin walking by. Liz and Epiphany get on the elevator. Liz reminds her that she’s the one who taught her to be a nurse. She’s still learning from her. Epiphany tells Liz that she’s a great nurse too and they are a team. Meanwhile, Lesley runs into Monica again. Gail's portrait at general hospitalThey admit they admired each other, even if they couldn’t stand each other. Everyone joins together around the nurses’ station. They open their envelopes in unison. They only contain confetti. Alexis reads a letter from Gail, thanking them all for coming and being her friends. Scott leaves the room and unveils Gail’s portrait on the wall. The crowd awkwardly splits up and everyone goes back to work. The show ends with Happy 56th anniversary General Hospital.

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