Claudia has just barged in the door to Jason's office and found Maximus. Max quickly tells her to show some respect for his infamous father. Once names are exchanged, Maximus asks what Anthony Zacchara's daughter is doing here? Claudia says that, to be honest, she's got a thing for Max. She proceeds to snuggle up to Max and say how great he is in bed. Diane walks in and pries her hands, and lips, off of Max.

Jason is over at Sonny's house arguing about how Sonny handled Karov. Sonny accuses him of sitting on his hands, but Jason says that the business is running smoothly since he took over. Sonny tells him that if he doesn't fight for his territory, he's going to blow everything that he built from the ground up. He tells Jason that he taught him everything he knows, but now he's on his own and everything will come crumbling down around him.

At GH, Carly waltzes into Kate's room and finds her arguing with Olivia. They tell her that she should've knocked, but Carly reminds Kate that she talked to Sonny at her request. Then she reports that Sonny wouldn't budge and that he's intent on getting his revenge. Olivia pipes up and says that Sonny won't stop until he gets what he wants, and Carly says that Kate's cousin knows Sonny better than his fiancée does. Kate says that she'll be the person to get through to Sonny, and she wants to do it in private. Carly asks Olivia to go have a drink with her, and, as they walk out the door together, Kate spits that they have so much in common.

Karpov's bodyguard has brought Sam to his boss after catching her lurking in the vicinity. Sam explains that she simply doesn't want to fly blind while landing the next shipment and was doing a little research. Karpov frisks her and finds her PDA tucked away in her boots. Refusing to give it back, he says that she needs to go prove herself by landing the next shipment.

Tracy, Edward and Monica are in the Quartermaine study arguing. Tracy is proud to announce that she's found a solid lead on Luke and is about to bring him home. Monica and Edward agree that their household is better off without his smoke and brandy-swilling. Tracy reminds them that Lulu is in trouble and needs her father. Edward tells her that her precious husband is wanted on money-laundering charges and will go straight to jail. Tracy orders him to call in some favors and get the charges dropped! Edward wants to save his favors for his family, and Monica tells her that she just wants Luke home for herself. Tracy won't apologize for wanting her husband home with her, but Lulu needs him too. She threatens to tell all of the country club about Edward's new hobby of online dating if he doesn't get Luke's charges dropped by the time she gets home. To prove that she has proof, she calls him 'Sell High or Split'. Edward agrees.

Max and his posse walk along the waterfront. They're still talking about Claudia, and Maximus remembers her mother Dominica and how Anthony dumped her. Then he starts talking about marriage and wishes that his sons would find somebody to come home to. Diane tells Max that he should consider just that, then leaves. Maximus tells Max that she's too mouthy, but Max says that she's perfect. Maximus says that he has a stop to make on his way to the airport, and then hugs his boys goodbye.

When Jason returns to his office, he starts hearing about troubles with his shipment, but is interrupted by a visit from Claudia. She asks why his bodyguard is trading places with him and compliments Jason for letting Max be a big shot for his dad. Jason only wants to know what she wants. She says that she wants to stop a mob war from happening. She explains that Johnny is a hot head and asks Jason to give her brother a break for now. She asks why he didn't go after Karpov, however, after shooting Kate? Jason says that he didn't have enough proof, and then asks if her family did it?

Olivia and Carly cozy up to The Metro Court bar and talk over beers. They talk about their respective relationships with Sonny, and Olivia asks to see a picture of Morgan. She stares at it and says that she can see a lot of Sonny in him. She asks how Sonny is as a father. Carly says that he's wonderful, except that Michael was shot because of the choices he made and she had to take sole custody to keep her boys out of more danger. Olivia comments that Sonny usually chooses women who are like angels, the kind he can put on a pedestal like his mother. However, she adds, when it came to choosing a mother for his children, he chose a strong woman like Carly who would keep his kids safe. Carly appreciates her insight.

Sonny goes to see Kate. She begs him to promise her that he won't go back to the mob. She says that she can ride out whatever comes with him as long as he stays free of the business. He asks if he's supposed to forget that she almost died? She says that if he loves her like he says he does, he won't make her give up on him. He says that he loves her deeply, but even if he loses her, he has to do what's right.

Later, Sonny returns home and finds Maximus waiting for him. He tells Sonny to pour him a drink so they can talk. Then he implores Sonny not to react with emotion and wait until he has all the facts. Sonny respectfully thanks him for his advice, and then asks why he cares so much? Maximus explains that he doesn't want his boys' butts blown off while defending him. He says that he knew Max wasn't the boss about two minutes after getting to town and asks Sonny to take care of his sons.

Jerry goes to pick Alexis up from work in hopes that she'll spend the evening with him. She says that she'd love to do anything to keep her mind off of what she's about to do to her daughter. Then she picks up the phone and orders a search warrant for tomorrow in the name of Sam McCall. While he waits, he takes a call from Sam.

Lucky meets Sam on the waterfront. She tells him that she didn't get a look at the shipment, but she did manage to get proof that Jerry is involved. Then she calls Jerry and invites him to dinner tomorrow night. After he accepts, she turns to Lucky and says, "By tomorrow night, this should all be over."

Next on General Hospital:

Lulu's visitors (Maxie, and then Spinelli) are shocked to see her worsened condition.

Maxie tells Johnny to go visit Lulu.

Carly thinks twice about selling half of her Metro Court shares to Nikolas.

Nikolas and Nadine finally have a truthful conversation.

Liz convinces Jason to spend a little time with her without worrying about the business.

Tracy finds Luke drunk in a Mexican cantina.

Luke and Tracy attempt to return to Port Charles.

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