Laura doesn't want to divorce Kevin on General Hospital

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Valentine surprises Nina with flowers at her office. He brings up meeting with Liesl, suggesting she meet her aunt half way. Nina reacts to Sasha on General HospitalNina is defensive at first, but eventually softens. Sasha joins them as she was invited as well. Valentin leaves to get them a table. Once alone, Sasha tells Nina she’s not who she thinks she is. Nina won’t let her explain further. She just knows Sasha is her daughter and she loves her. Nothing will change that.

Maxie meets Peter at the Metro Court and rushes him out because Sasha’s lab results are in.

Laura doesn't want to divorce Kevin on General HospitalLaura brings Kevin fresh clothes at the PCPD for his arraignment. She wants to be there for him, but he tells her as mayor, she shouldn’t. He suggests she get a divorce so he doesn’t drag her down with him. When she says she doesn’t want that, Kevin wonders what that means for them. Before Laura can answer, Jordan enters to bring Kevin to the courthouse. Laura kisses her husband and wishes him luck.

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Carly steps off the hospital elevator and runs into Curtis. She asks how Jordan is doing. Curtis looks worried as they talk about her medical issues. Jordan collects herself in the nearby corridor before joining them. After some talk about Ryan, Maxie and Peter discuss Sasha on General HospitalCarly walks away and Curtis and Jordan head to the station. Carly runs into Laura, who recounts how Kevin wants her to file for divorce. Carly puts a sympathetic arm around her and tells her only she can decide what to do. Maxie and Peter show up talking about the DNA test, which Liesl overhears. She wonders who is taking the test. Maxie makes up a lie about wanting to find out if she has the gene for premature greying. A doubtful Liesl leaves them to it. Later, Maxie is given the DNA results and looks puzzled. Inside an exam room, Julian sits with Ava who gets blood drawn. She panics about the call she got on the pier, as the same number calls her again.

Liesl finds Valentin at the Metro Court bar. She warns him about Maxie and the DNA test. She suggests he take an extended business trip so he’s not around when Nina finds out the truth. Nina pops up to ask, “The truth about what?” Before Valentin can finish his lie, Lulu and Peter enter. Maxie says they ran a DNA test on Nina and Sasha.

Ava and Julian show up at the PCPD to report the phone calls they believe are from Ryan, as Kevin is led out. Jordan wants to put a trace on Ava’s phone and steps away, leaving Julian and Curtis to discuss other ways to find Ryan. Curtis does some checking and tells Ava the calls were robocalls, but Ava isn’t appeased. She tells Julian if Ryan comes for her, she’ll be ready.

Franco and Elizabeth join Cam in court. Trina shows up for support. Elizabeth looks at the girl, then at Cam, and smirks. Cam approaches the bench and is reprimanded for missing some of his community service. He contritely explains what happened when he was in Niagara Falls and vows to learn from his mistakes. The judge lets him go but warns he must carry out his full community service hours and surrender his learner’s permit. She warns him to stay out of trouble. After, Elizabeth asks Cam, who is talking with Trina, to introduce her to his friend. After Cam makes introductions, he thanks Trina, who leaves. Liz questions Cam about Trina, but he makes a quick exit. Elizabeth tells Franco Cam might need a man-to-man talk.

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Dante tells Lulu he's leaving on General HospitalAt home, a solemn Dante tells his wife he needs to leave Port Charles. He never should have come back. Lulu doesn’t understand, so Dante tells her he doesn’t feel like himself. Dante tries to explain what happened while he was with Raj. He changed and he doesn’t know how to change back. Lulu believes he has PTSD and suggests Kevin give them a referral. Dante responds that he needs more than a weekly session. He needs time. He declares she, Rocco and Charlotte are the most important things in the world to him. He’s leaving to protect them. Dante packs a bag and relays that he said goodbye to Rocco. When a teary Lulu asks what she’ll tell people, Dante responds that something is broken inside him and he had to get it fixed. Dante wants her to promise she’ll be happy and live her life. Lulu won’t give up on him. He responds it’s not giving up — it’s living her life. She says it’s not a full life if he’s not there. She will wait forever if she has to. Dante reminds her forever is a long time. He tells her he loves her and leaves. She cries, “I love you too,” as he shuts the door.

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