Willow is leaving town on General Hospital

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Sonny brings Mike by his house to see Dante, and it takes a second, but Mike remembers him. Sonny gets a call that there is trouble with Jason, and Dante offers to take Mike out to lunch.

Franco, Liz and Aiden go to lunch at Kelly’s, and learn Aiden was not invited to a classmate’s birthday party because her parents didn’t want him there. Liz calls the mother, who claims she’s trying to maintain a wholesome environment for her daughter. Franco feels Aiden doesn’t need people like this girl and her parents in his life if they won’t accept him for who he is. franco and liz discuss future on general hospital Outside, Chase meets with Willow and asks if she is staying in Port Charles. She isn’t and cries she has to leave because she doesn’t trust herself not to crack under the pressure of the tactics Shiloh is known to use to get people to reveal their secrets, and he can’t know about her son. Chase realizes this is goodbye, and they share a kiss.

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At General Hospital, Sam checks on Shiloh, who had to get stitches. Kristina arrives, fumes about what Jason did to Shiloh, and warns him that Jason is a deadly hit man. Sam tells Kristina to stop spreading exaggerations, and Jason simply lost his temper because she left Danny with Shiloh. Shiloh agrees with Sam, and Kristina storms off in a huff to go see her dad. Shiloh asks Sam if she thinks Jason was trying to kill him. Sam admits if Jason wanted him dead, he would be. She hopes he can practice the forgiveness he preaches where Jason is concerned for her children’s sake.

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At the PCPD, Jason refuses to talk to Jordan without his lawyer. Margaux speaks with Jordan and thinks they have enough to charge Jason, possibly with attempted murder. Later, Chase questions Jason about Dawn of Day. The cop admits that Shiloh has targeted someone close to him and suggests if Jason comes across any evidence that can be used against Shiloh that he brings it to him. Sam and Shiloh arrive at the station, and Shiloh reveals he wants the charges against Jason dropped, and explains his part in exacerbating the attack. Dawson agrees to drop the charges, and Chase takes Jason to be processed. He reminds him if he finds anything on Shiloh to bring it to him. Before Jason leaves, Margaux swears to him if he goes near Shiloh again that she will finally bring him down. Meanwhile, Shiloh tells Sam if Jason comes after him again he won’t be so forgiving.

Image: Dante is afraid on General Hospital Dante takes Mike to the Metro Court, and Mike can tell something is bothering Dante. Dante reveals so much happened to the people he loves and to him since he’s been gone, and none of it is good. He admits his brain has been scrambled and he’s afraid of what was done to him, and what he might do because of it, and even if he’ll remember doing it. Mike sympathizes with him.

Kristina stops by her dad’s place and gives him some DoD pamphlets on some upcoming seminars that might be helpful to him and Carly. He worries that she is withdrawing from her family for this group, but she explains they’ve enlightened her and have made her see what she can become. He wonders who she is without Dawn of Day, and Kristina admits she can’t see that because they’ve become her world. He believes she’s being led down a dangerous road by Shiloh and he will not let it continue. Kristina thinks her father sent Jason after Shiloh. Sonny yells, “If you think I’m going to let Shiloh or anyone else take away my daughter then you have forgotten who I am.”

Willow meets with Brad and Wiley outside of city hall. She says she’s leaving town and wanted to see her son one last time. She cries that she won’t be back and won’t ever see Wiley again unless he seeks her out as an adult. She begs to hold him. Brad allows it and goes to get a blanket from the stroller because it’s cold. A Dawn of Day pamphlet falls to the ground, startling Willow. She asks if he is involved in the group, and he admits he’s thinking about taking a few courses there. Brad takes Willey back and wishes Willow well. He leaves and Willow gets a call from Liz, who wants to speak to her about Aiden and what is going on with his classmates. Willow agrees to meet her at Kelly’s. Chase walks out and witnesses her tearing up her letter of resignation. She reveals she’s going to stay in Port Charles.

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