Anna and Peter disucss their relationship General Hospital
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When Dante gets home, he feels awkward about going in. Lulu is about to warn him of something when she meets him at the door. Dante is welcomed home by his family General HospitalHe hears a noise and barges inside, only to find his mother and assorted guests waiting. Everyone lines up to hug him and welcome him home. Olivia fusses over him and grabs her manicotti. Dante has another flashback to his dream about completing his mission but tries to stay normal. Jordan starts talking to him about work. That makes him uncomfortable. After the commissioner walks off with Curtis, Lulu stares at Dante. They sit down with Maxie and she asks them to be James’ godparents. Later, when Michael and his brother catch up, he tells Dante about Kristina joining a cult and being brainwashed. Dante has another flashback. Meanwhile, Justin chats with Laura in the kitchen. She can’t stop thinking about Ryan supporting her in the debates. He assures her she won fair and square. She says he’s a good guy like his grandfather. Lulu corners Maxie as she’s sending a text. She starts interrogating her about her relationship with Peter, but Maxie changes the subject. As the guests clear out, Dante takes Curtis aside and thanks him for looking out for Lulu while he was gone. Once he’s left, Dante gets his mom’s coat. She sobs and tells him how sick with worry she’s been. Every decision she’s ever made has been to keep him safe, but he’s grown up to be someone who’s never content to be safe. She couldn’t be prouder of him. He says she’s his hero. They hug. After Liv leaves, Rocco heads to bed and Lulu asks her husband to meet her upstairs. He flashes back to his dream of shooting her and then smashes a table. When he goes up to bed, Lulu climbs in next to him and sees scars across his back.

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Peter finds Anna moping on some steps with a letter. She tells him that Griffin has left town. She wishes she’d been there for him more. He feels like a son to her. Anna assures Peter she hasn’t been using the doctor as a substitute for him. Peter accuses her of pursuing a relationship with him purely out of obligation. She can’t understand how he can forgive Obrecht and Valentin and not her. Anna doesn’t think giving him up was a mistake. He doesn’t accept that she was helpless; he just didn’t fit into her plans. He gets a text from Maxie and has to go. Before doing so, he tells Anna that their relationship will always be defined by his father. She thinks they can make new memories to overcome the past. Since they are both going to Charlie’s, he offers her a ride.

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Finn and Chase discuss their problems General HospitalChase bumps into Finn at Charlie’s. The cop tells the doctor that Willow’s ex is in town and it might mean trouble. He can see that she needs help but he’s not sure he’s the guy who can give it. Finn knows the feeling. The detective has to leave for work. Peter drops Anna off and then wanders away. Finn asks her how she’s dealing with Griffin’s departure. Maxie joins Peter at the bar.

Alexis and Sonny argue about what to do General HospitalAt the Corinthos compound, Alexis isn’t happy when Sonny tells her that he’s handling the situation with Kristina. She calls Jordan, much to his chagrin. He asks her to get off the line. Alexis leaves a message. They worry about their daughter. He’s cagey about his plan. Jordan calls her back. Sonny shakes his head. The lawyer tells Jordan that someone may be targeting Shiloh. When she gets off the phone, she gets back to arguing with Sonny. He insists he wouldn’t kill Shiloh because it would upset Kristina. She says they need to think through how they handle this carefully.

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Shiloh tells Sam about Jason attacking him General HospitalOutside of Kelly’s, Shiloh tells Jason how close he’s getting to Sam. When he asks Stone Cold to let him help him too, Jason grabs him by the throat and throws him against the wall. Sam yelps and rushes over. A waitress calls 911 and Shiloh tells Sam he doesn’t understand how violent Jason is. Sam tells Shiloh how much she needs him. Chase arrives and the waitress tells him about the attack. The cop asks Sam to confirm her account.

Chase brings Jason, Sam and Shiloh down to the police station to make a statement. Shiloh gives his account of the attack. Jason breathes deep but refuses to say anything without his attorney. Jordan arrives and Chase takes her aside to tell her what happened. He thinks there is more to Shiloh than meets the eye and wants to cut them both loose. She disagrees and arrests Jason.

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