Dante tells Sonny about being undercover General Hospital
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Jason arrives at Kelly’s and finds Shiloh hanging out with Danny and Brad. Sam and Shiloh talk about her progress General HospitalSam joins them and Danny makes plans with his dad for later in the week. Jason exits and Shiloh worries to Sam about Stone Cold getting in the way of their work together. After Sam leaves, Shiloh chats with Brad about how the work at Dawn of Day is intended for the whole family. He holds Wiley and tells Brad about the parenting courses at the headquarters. When Shiloh walks out, Jason is waiting. He orders Shiloh to stay away from his son. Shiloh says that Sam is a great student and as long as she is, he’ll be part of her life. He may even be able to help Danny find a peaceful path in life. Shiloh tells Jason that Sam and Danny are slipping away from him because he won’t open his heart. When he asks Jason to let him do for him what he’s already doing for Sam, Jason grabs him by the throat and throws him against the wall.

Alexis drops by Charlie’s to see Kristina. They discuss what family means and Kristina says the only family she can count on is the one she has at Dawn of Day. Her mom says that they are a cult. Kristina claims she doesn’t feel emotionally safe with her mom and the group is her family. Alexis nearly bugs out when her daughter calls her ‘Miss Davis’. After she leaves, Kristina listens to a recording she made of secrets about her family.

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Willow tells Chase about Dawn of Day General HospitalAt school, Chase asks Willow about Shiloh. In tears, she admits that he’s the father of her child and he can never know about it. She tells him how Shiloh uses his charm to get into your head. The detective is surprised to hear this from her. Willow explains that breaking away from Shiloh made her grow a backbone fast. Willow isn’t her given name. She took it from a doll she had. Things get uncomfortable as she tells him all about joining a cult. He asks her about having sex with Shiloh. She says she was convinced it was an honor. However, she couldn’t bring herself to teach the children to follow him. Shiloh is particularly interested in raising children in the cult. When she found out she was pregnant, she realized she needed to escape. The cop assures her that he will put a stop to Shiloh. She’s convinced that she needs to leave town, but he asks her to stay so he can protect her.

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Sitting on his bed, Dante loads a gun and tells himself that he will complete the mission. When Lulu walks in on him, he shoots her. Dante wakes up from this dream, gasping. Rocco is in the doorway and calls Lulu in. Dante tells them he was just having a bad dream. They hug him and he tells them how happy he is to be home. Later, Lulu asks her husband about the dream, but he claims he can’t remember it.

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Sonny and Michael discuss Kristina General HospitalMichael wanders into the Corinthos compound and welcomes Sonny home. He tells Michael that Dante is back and safe. Sonny relates what happened in Turkey and they talk about Carly being pregnant. The topic turns to Kristina and Michael explains he’s worried she’s in a cult. His father and Jason have already discussed steps to take. Later, Dante arrives to see his father. He knows it will take time for him to get back to normal, but he’s starting to worry. There are things Dante had to do to earn Raj’s trust that have left their mark on him. Sonny says it was war and he did what he had to. He encourages his son to talk to a professional. Alexis walks in and senses she’s interrupting something. Dante leaves. Alexis tells Sonny about her latest encounter with their daughter. He assures her that he is handling the Dawn of Day problem. This worries her so she decides to call Jordan.

In the square, Michael meets with Sam. He tells her that his dad wants Kristina out of Dawn of Day. She worries that sending Jason to get Kristina out will be too dangerous.

When Dante returns home, he has to convince himself to go in.

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