Laura and Ava on the pier
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Laura finds Ava trying to discretely drink on the pier. Laura wants to call someone for her, but Ava can only beat herself up about Ryan. Laura insists she stop doing this to herself, assuring Ava she didn’t deserve what Ryan did to her. Ava isn’t convinced.

Kevin walks into Jake’s to apologize to Mac and Felicia. Felicia understands why he kept Ryan a secret, but she can’t pretend it didn’t happen. Ava enters, eyes Kevin and saddles up to the bar. Felicia walks over to commiserate with Ava as Mac rails at Kevin for choosing Ryan over all of them. At the bar, Ava appreciates Felicia’s efforts, but points out that Ryan killed her daughter. Felicia warns Ava that if Ryan is still alive, he will come back for her. Mac approaches to reinforce that until there is a body, they can’t take assume they’re safe from Ryan.

As Kevin walks the pier, he gets punched out by an unseen assailant.

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Willow shocks Nina and ValentinValentin and Nina enter Willow’s classroom to talk about placing Charlotte in the high achiever program. Willow tells them she can’t give them a recommendation because she doesn’t work there anymore – family emergency. Nina accuses her of abandoning her students. Bickering ensues, which Valentin tries to diffuse to no avail. Willow spits that with Nina as a stepmother, Charlotte doesn’t stand a chance. Accusations continue to fly until Valentin drags his wife out of the room. Alone, Willow cries as she signs her letter of resignation.

Anna is sympathetic to GriffinFinn takes off Alex’s bandages in her room at General Hospital. She is relieved to be able to see but makes cryptic remarks about Anna’s memories. She adds that Finn will be enough for Anna, who thinks only she is able to right certain wrongs. Elsewhere, Anna approaches a bruised Griffin, who tries to avoid her. She offers to listen to him about his grief, asking if the boxing is making him feel better. He doesn’t want to feel better, he just wants to feel something. Laura approaches as Griffin remains defiant. She thinks he is the only one who can help Ava. He refuses at first but eventually agrees to think about it. Finn appears to bring Anna to Alex. Anna tells her sister WSB agents are on their way to take her back into custody. Alex wants her phone call. Anna returns to Laura to thank her for reaching out to Griffin, who overhears Laura say Kevin knew Ryan was alive. Valentin arrives after getting Alex’s call. She tries to blackmail him into helping her but he says whatever they had is long over. She says they will always have Lisbon. He is sorry to disappoint her, but she calls it fair play because she disappointed him. As Alexis carted off, she tells Anna to relay to Robert she’s sorry she couldn’t see him one last time.

Alexis and Molly at Kelly'sMolly meets with Alexis and Sam at Kelly’s to tell them DoD is a cult. Alexis defends it as self-help, but Molly thinks it’s way past that. An uncomfortable Sam warns Molly about pushing Kristina further towards DoD and leaves.

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Shiloh considers Sam's requestAt DoD, Krissy assures Shiloh she’s totally committed to their cause. He again asks her to divulge a deep secret, which doesn’t necessarily have to be about her. He says it will show how much she trusts DoD — only then will the healing begin. Kristina gets a message from Molly to join her at Kelly’s. Sam shows up after Kristina has left. Sam asks Shiloh if she can join one of his courses. He readily agrees to mentor her himself, but she needs to make herself available to him 24/7. She agrees to that and he abruptly says they are done for the day.

Kristina joins Molly and Alexis at Kelly’s. Molly tries to broker peace, but Kristina remains defensive about DoD. Alexis delicately suggests Kristina take a step back from DoD, which causes Kristina to spew more Shiloh speak. This enrages Molly. Kristina tells her mother and sister if they can’t support her choices she can no longer have them in her life.

Kristina returns to DoD and finds Sam, who tells he she is taking a course on commitment. Kristina complains about Alexis and Molly but is happy to still have Sam. They hug. Later, Kristina records her trust offering to DoD, which is a secret about a member of her family.

Shiloh enters Willow’s classroom as she’s about to erase her name off the blackboard. He tells her not to because it’s such a nice name.

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