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In Turkey, Sonny meets with Dev behind Raj’s compound. Sonny pays Dev for his help, and gives him a number to call if he doesn’t make it out. Dev says he can do him one better and to be ready when the time comes. He takes off and picks the guards at the gates pockets so they chase him. Sonny surprises Raj on General Hospital Sonny is able to sneak into the compound, approaches Raj Raj, (played by Noshir Dalal), from behind with a gun and demands to know where his son is. Sonny hears someone lurking nearby. He demands they show themselves, and Dante enters the room. Raj men storm the room and get the upper hand on Sonny. Raj delights in telling Sonny he knows all about Dante’s friends at the WSB and hands Dante a gun. Sonny asks what Raj has done to his son, but Raj explains Dante is there of his own free will, to be part of his organization. Raj wants Dante to prove it and kill Sonny.

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Alexis meets with Neil in his office for another session. As they talk, he feels she’s holding something back. She finally admits she had a sex dream about Julian and almost drank.

Finn drops by Chase’s place to tell Chase to call their father so he doesn’t worry about the whole serial killer case and his involvement. Chase realizes it is actually Finn who is worried and is using their father as an excuse to check up on him. Chase is touched, and Finn tells his brother to be safe out there. Chase thinks it’s Finn who needs to be safe because he’s dating a super spy.

At the Metro Court bar, Anna meets Valentin and asks for his help finding Alex. She tells him about the memory transfer, and he feels for her, but warns her that of the possibility that she could discover the thing she cherishes most isn’t actually hers. Anna only wants to know where her sister is, but Valentin honestly doesn’t know and recounts the last time he saw her that he thought she was Anna. Anna asks if he can relay a message, which she would consider a step towards the two of them making amends. Valentine says he may know someone who can reach her and will put out some feelers. Anna asks him to pass on the message that she has a cure for Alex’s current condition.

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Molly calls DoD a cult on General Hospital At Charlie’s, Molly tells Kristina she’s in a cult, which Kristina refuses to believe. Jason and Michael enter, and Michael notices Kristina and Molly arguing. Kristina swears to Molly that Dawn of Day is helping her and they don’t hurt people, but Molly thinks she’s avoiding her friends and family for this cult. Kristina suggests they should just stay out of one another’s lives from now on. Michael and Jason finally intervene, and Molly tells Michael that Kristina is using his money to pay for the cult she is in. Kristina refuses to deal with her sister’s negativity and storms out. Molly thinks they need to do something, but Michael needs more information before sounding an alarm. Molly turns to Jason for help, but he warns the harder she goes after Krissy the more she’ll run to Shiloh. They need to let Shiloh think he’s winning, but they will take him down. Right now Michael may be there best bet to reach Kristina.

At the Dawn of Day house, Sam asks Shiloh to put on a shirt, and suggests he not leave his door unlocked given the crime in town. Shiloh is sure he’s safe and swears they lock the doors by midnight. Shiloh puts on his shirt and he wonders why she is questioning his judgements. She’s worried about Kristina, who just wrote one of her best friends off because of Dawn of Day. She asks if he put her up to that, but he promises he doesn’t interfere in people’s personal lives. However, he’ll speak to Kristina about her friend. He changes the subject to Sam’s issue, her fear of commitment, and how she seems to be shying away from him. He wants her to trust their processes. Kristina storms in and asks what Sam’s doing there. Sam came because she is worried about her and Valerie, but Shiloh convinced her that he’s watching out for her. Sam decides to go pick up Danny and head home. Shiloh hopes Sam will consider taking the next step at DoD with him. After Sam leaves, Shiloh asks Kristina about her friend. Kristina says she was simply getting rid of negativity in her life. She feels lighter and freer. Shiloh is proud and thinks she’s ready for the next step.

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