Ava wants to call 911
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Sonny and Robert enter a room in Turkey where they think Dante has been staying. The fortune teller at the café enters. Sonny fears Dante is deadShe reveals herself as Robert’s contact from the WSB and explains they were being followed at the café so she had to improvise. Sonny orders her to produce his son. She can’t. Dante cut off communication with them because it hampered his ability to track Raj. She later learned of a meeting between Dante and Raj that resulted in spilled blood. Sonny asks if his son is dead. She thinks he’s alive and that he’s Raj’s prisoner, but they can’t infiltrate Raj’s operation. She orders Sonny to stay out of it and exits. Sonny yells that he will do whatever it takes to find Dante. Robert says, “Not without me you won’t.” Sonny wonders why Raj would hang on to Dante instead of killing him. They conclude that Dante could be his hostage.

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Alexis offers helpJulian visits Alexis at her house. He tells her things are getting worse with Oscar. She asks why he isn’t with Kim. He responds that she’s with Drew. They are endgame, just like the two of them are. Alexis protests, but Julian knows she wants him and continues to press her buttons. She slaps him, but he says she can hurt him or she can take him. Alexis gives in and passionately kisses him. They start taking off their clothes and move to the couch. As they talk after having sex, Alexis hears a clock go off and then sees clocks everywhere her head turns. She eventually wakes up from the dream on her couch. She looks at her mother’s watch on her wrist. Later, Alexis returns home with a bottle of vodka.

At General Hospital, Michael talks to Nina about getting the word out about a donor for Jordan. Nina is appreciative of his efforts and calls him a standup guy. She smirks. There’s someone she wants him to meet.

Kristina questions SamNina finds Sasha and Valentin, who are rehashing their lies, outside of Charlie’s. She awkwardly introduces Michael to Sasha. Inside, Maxie and Peter talk about the Nina/Sasha situation at a table. Maxie understands wanting to lie to the person you love to make them feel better, explaining about trying to pass Georgie off as Dante and Lulu’s. She wonders if she should ruin Nina’s happiness should Sasha not turn out to be her daughter. Peter is empathetic but says she’s going to have to decide for herself. Maxie suggests they find out the truth first and then figure out how to proceed. Nina, Valentin, Sasha, and Michael enter. Sasha gives Michael an out, but he wants to stay. They head to the bar for a drink while they get to know each other. At the bar, Sam keeps Kristina company while it’s slow. They talk about Jason. Kristina thinks Dawn of Day can help Sam fully let go of him. Kristina tells Sam about the exclusive DoD seminars she thinks she can get Sam into. When Kristina tends to her customers, Sam calls Jason and leaves a message about Shiloh’s “sketchy” yet expensive seminars. After Kristina pours Michael and Sasha, Michael gives Kristina a wad of cash. Sam notices and Michael explains it’s for her seminars. Maxie notices Sasha and Michael at the bar. She wanders over and not so subtly pulls a strand of Sasha’s hair.

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Laura and Jason searchAfter kicking in the door, Jason finds Ava and Ryan’s cabin empty. Laura follows inside and learns they are gone. Jason assumes they are headed to Canada.

“Kevin” drags Ava by the hand across a bridge, but she needs to stop and catch her breath. Ava wants to call 911 for Carly, but “Kevin” is flippant towards the suggestion. They debate it until Ava reluctantly agrees to do as “Kevin” says. As they start walking, Jason and Laura arrive on the scene. Jason shoots “Kevin” in the shoulder. Ava stands in front of “Kevin” ordering Jason not to kill him. She screams that he’s having a breakdown. Laura spits out that he’s not Kevin… he’s Ryan Chamberlain. Ava doesn’t believe it. Jason fires his gun in the air, saying the next one goes between Ryan’s eyes. Ryan demands Jason tone down the threats or else Jason will never know where to find Carly. Ava tells them where Carly is much to Ryan’s ire. Ryan grabs Ava by her coat and kisses her before taking her over the bridge with him.

Carly lies lifeless in snowCarly stirs awake on the snowy ground near a bridge. She rolls to her side and slowly sits up, confused as to what happened to her. She flashes back to finding “Kevin” at his car in the garage. Carly starts climbing her way to safety.

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