Ava finds Carly in "Kevin's" trunk.

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Sonny talks to a woman in TurkeySonny grows impatient waiting for Robert’s contact at a café in Turkey. Robert reminds him they are in his world now and waiting for people is a small price to pay for information on Dante. A woman approaches them wanting to read Sonny’s fortune. He balks, but Robert encourages it. Robert grins as the woman reads an annoyed Sonny’s palm. She tells him someone he loves is in danger and that his child’s life is in the palm of his hands. Assuming their contact isn’t showing, the men get up to leave. The woman slips an address into Sonny’s hand before they do.

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Laura and Jason search for Carly and RyanAs Jason and Laura drive to Niagara Falls, Chase calls Laura. She updates the detective about her destination but doesn’t tell him who she’s with. After Laura hangs up with Chase, Jason fills her in on what he’s learned about Todd Wilson and his fear that Ryan locked Carly up or took her with him. Laura thinks they should consider another possibility, but Jason refuses to consider that she’s dead.

“Kevin” bumps into Cam outside the cabins. They make pleasantries until Cam Cam runs into Ryangets a message from Trina and he walks away. Meanwhile, Ava remotely opens the truck of “Kevin’s” car, but Josslyn’s presence stops her from looking in. A surprised Ava asks if Joss is with her mother. Joss tells her about Oscar’s seizure. After Joss has left, Ava walks to the back of the car and is stunned to find Carly tied up in the trunk. Carly’s eyes slowly open as Ava turns to find “Kevin” standing behind her. He suggests an unnerved Ava go back to the room and he’ll handle everything. When she questions him, he asks her to trust him. She tentatively agrees and backs away. Once in their room, Ava contemplates calling 911 but doesn’t. She thinks “Kevin” is just having a breakdown. When “Kevin” returns to the room, Ava asks why Carly is in the trunk of his car. Ava’s eyes widen as he responds that she’s a wedding present for his bride to be.

Lulu and Chase at GHDrew brings Liz decaf coffee at the hospital. He’s relieved to hear Franco will be fine. Kim runs up as they talk about Franco and Jordan’s plan. Kim anxiously announces that Oscar had a seizure in Niagara Falls. Drew says they’ll take the company chopper and they race off. Elsewhere, Lulu meets Chase and gets updated on Laura and Ryan. As Lulu processes the information, she flashes back to Ryan attacking her.

Joss, Trina, Cam talk to a nurseThe kids run into the hospital to find out about Oscar. The nurse tells them Oscar is groggy but lucid. Joss rushes into Oscar’s room. He’s sorry he ruined their only night alone together. She tearfully assures him he didn’t ruin anything, they made it to Niagara Falls just like he wanted. Oscar says the road trip doesn’t mean anything — time with her is the only thing that matters. Oscar makes jokes about dying which upsets her. He wants her to laugh because he loves it. Actually, he loves everything about her. Joss kisses him. In the lobby, Cam gets a call from Liz. He’ll be in trouble when he gets home, but for now, she is proud of her son for taking care of everyone. Before they hang up, Liz tells Cam about Franco and how Ryan has been posing as Kevin. Cam says he just saw Kevin, but Liz tells him Kevin is actually at General Hospital. Panicked, Liz gets the hotel’s location and orders Cam to stay there in public with his friends. After hanging up, Cam continues to complain about Franco until Trina takes him to task. She reminds him nothing is as bad as what Oscar is going through. Drew and Kim show up and Joss gives them time alone with their son. As Joss cries to her friends about the reality of Oscar’s impending death, Kim and Drew assure their son they love him and they’ll figure out what’s next.

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From General Hospital, Liz calls Laura to give her the name of the hotel Ryan is staying at. Elizabeth then finds Chase and Lulu and tells the detective where Ryan is. After Chase makes his exit, Lulu cries as she apologizes to Liz for her role in Franco’s arrest. Liz is understanding.

Jason and Laura arrive at the cabins. Laura stays in the car as Jason heads to Ryan’s room, gun drawn. In their room, Ava tries to play along with “Kevin” while suggesting they let Carly go. He tells Ava not to worry about her, she’s been taken care of. She’s about five miles east of their location. Ava grows increasingly uncomfortable as “Kevin” talks about their marriage. Later, Jason kicks a cabin room door.

Carly lies lifeless outside on the snowy ground.

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