Kevin worries about Carly

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Curtis tells Jordan about RyanIn an exam room at General Hospital, Finn and Chase update Laura on the virus causing Kevin’s blindness. They also fill her in about Jordan, who wakes up in another room. Curtis expresses to Jordan how grateful he is that she’s awake. A groggy Jordan says Franco’s name. Curtis updates her while informing her Ryan is the killer. Elsewhere, Jason finds a nurse to ask if Carly has been admitted. She hasn’t. Jason makes a call, as Kevin gets wheeled in by a police officer. Laura runs out to her husband and Finn excuses himself to check on Jordan. Jason approaches Kevin and learns about Ryan. Laura leaves to talk to Jordan, as Jason confronts Kevin about knowing Ryan was alive. Kevin is too weak to talk about it now but asks where Carly is. Jason doesn’t know. Back in Jordan’s room, Anna joins Curtis to update her on Ryan. Curtis leaves to talk with Finn, who says Jordan is doing better, but she needs to start dialysis and will still need a transplant. Meanwhile, Anna tries to reassure Jordan who beats herself up about Ryan. Laura enters to echo Anna’s sentiments that Jordan did nothing wrong and shouldn’t resign. Laura leaves to talk with Chase about Ryan’s love for Ava, which Jason overhears. Jason runs off, as Anna and Finn fill Kevin in about the cure for his blindness. Curtis returns to Jordan who is eager to get out of the hospital to run the manhunt for Ryan. Curtis tells her that’s not going to happen and gently explains her condition. He knows it’s a lot to process but he’s just so glad she’s still there with him. He assures her she will manage this until she gets a transplant. She admits to being freaked out, but he makes it clear how much he loves her and that they’ll get through it together.

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Ava's ready for the honeymoon early“Kevin” brings Ava to their remote cabin at Niagara Falls. He promises 5-star accommodations after they get married nearby. She’s relieved and heads into their room. Kevin gets their bags out of the trunk while making mocking statements about Carly. When Kevin enters the cabin, he finds Ava naked in bed. She’s ready to start their honeymoon tonight. He joins her on the bed, calling her breathtaking. As they lie bed together, they talk about their deep love. “Kevin” says she is his now for the rest of their lives. While Ava showers, “Kevin” pulls out an envelope containing passports, cash and plane tickets. When it’s his turn to shower, Ava looks for her shoes, but can’t find them. She assumes they’re in the car and heads outside. Ava searches the car but comes up empty. She looks towards the trunk.

As Trina and Cam play cards in their cabin, Cam laments Franco’s role in his family’s life. Next door, Joss and Oscar hold Oscar tells Joss he loves herhands on the bed. He tells her how beautiful she is and that he loves her. They kiss, but Oscar pulls away. He wants to make sure she doesn’t want to have sex just because she feels bad for him. She promises she only sees how incredible he is. Everything about falling in love with him exceeded her expectations. Oscar grabs a snack because he’s feeling lightheaded and he doesn’t want anything to ruin their night. Joss agrees and gets up to grab him some water. While she’s out of the room, Oscar has a seizure and falls to the floor. A frantic Joss yells for help. Trina and Cam run in and Cam calls 911. The paramedics take Oscar to the hospital but won’t let Joss go with them.

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Kim visits Julian at Charlie'sKim stops by Charlie’s as Julian closes up for the night. He assumes something is wrong with Oscar. She assures him everything in her world is going very well right now. She vows to enjoy every moment and every day, but she needs his help. She lowers the blinds on the windows, as she tells Julian he’s about to get lucky. They start kissing as Julian talks about Ava’s plans to get married. She stops him with more passionate kisses and pushes him against the bar. Things get heated as they start taking off each other’s clothes. After they’re done and dressing, Jason comes pounding on the door demanding to know where Ava is. Julian stonewalls him, but Kim gives him the details he’s looking for. Jason runs outside into Laura, who convinces him to let her go to Niagara Falls with him. Back inside, Julian calls to warn Ava, as Kim gets a call from Joss about Oscar.

Back at the cabins, Cam literally runs into “Kevin” outside.

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