Shiloh sees Sam with Jason GH
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At the hospital, Shiloh wanders by Jason’s room and spots Sam kissing Stone Cold. Sensing this, she slaps Jason and tells him they are finished. Shiloh enters, followed by Kristina. Sam repeats that they are done and walks out with her sister trailing behind. Sam explains why things are over with Jason. The sisters talk about how manipulative he is, and Kristina tells her that the community will protect her. Back in Jason’s room, Shiloh tells him that Sam is moving on and getting enlightened. He adds that Jason was trespassing last night. Sam is part of his community and he’ll protect her. Kristina comes in to get Shiloh and tells Jason that Sam is better off without him. TJ reassures Curtis GHMeanwhile, TJ arrives and Curtis informs him that Jordan has been rushed in for surgery. Molly shows up with pastry and a doctor comes out to say they have removed Jordan’s kidney. TJ assures Curtis that his mom will be fine. Curtis thanks Molly for being there. After checking on his mom, TJ tells Curtis that his mom is stable and needs to rest. Curtis needs to clear his head and steps outside. TJ admits to Molly that he’s terrified that his mom will die. Sitting him down, Molly tells him how welcoming his mom was to her and says he’s just like her. She’s sure his mom feels exactly as he does.

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Ryan and Ava discuss their wedding GHRyan wanders into Charlie’s to meet Ava. Julian looks on uncomfortably as they kiss. They sit down and Ava says she hopes Kiki would be happy to know she is finally trusting the right man. He whips out a ring and tells her she’s his soulmate. As they kiss again, Chase arrives, desperate to find Laura. Ava shows off her ring and Ryan tells the cop he doesn’t want to talk about his divorce. Ava takes her brother aside and asks him to be happy for her. She gets a text about Franco giving an interview.

In his office, Neil talks with Alexis about her relationships. He suggests she stop assuming she’s attracted to men because they are dangerous like her father rather than like her. Neil wonders if she’s a dangerous person. She admits that some people might say she is and lists people she’s killed, nearly killed, the mental illness she faked. Neil points out that she seems convinced that nothing is ever her fault. That makes her uncomfortable. Time is up. He suggests she needs to spend some time being in an uncomfortable place.

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Franco is interviewed by Lulu GHPeter waits with Lulu at Ferncliff. She’s worried that the cops can’t find her mom. Peter wonders if she wants to postpone but she is determined to interview Franco and find out why he did what he did. They enter the room where Franco is waiting. Peter lays out some rules and then the livestream starts. She asks Franco how he could throw away the life he made. He says the murders were all works of art. He gloats about Kiki being too beautiful not to kill. When Lulu asks what happened when he attacked her, he’s sorry that she survived. There was nothing personal about any of it, she was just a prop. When she asks him if they were copy-cat crimes, he laughs and says that Ryan’s crimes were an uninspired joke. He claims he can feel the tumor growing back and it will get him out of jail again.

Ava asks Ryan about Franco GHBack at Charlie’s, Ava watches the interview in disbelief and asks Ryan if she’s trusted Kiki’s killer all along. He’s distracted and turns away to send a text to Chase. As Ava gets distraught, Julian suggests they turn it off, but Ryan insists they keep watching. Alexis bumps into Chase as he walks out. He asks after Laura and she admits that the divorce hasn’t been finalized. She joins the others to watch the broadcast. As Franco trashes Ryan’s crimes, he starts to pace, then makes an excuse and exits. Over at the bar, Alexis and Julian discuss his sister and ‘Kevin’. When Julian offers to listen to the lawyer’s problems, she wonders why. He says she’s not as scary as she thinks. After she leaves, Ava props up at the bar and her brother tells her she’s moving too fast with ‘Kevin’. She recalls when she first met Franco and how dangerous and talented he was. She blames herself for letting Franco into Kiki’s life.

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Chase runs into Curtis at the hospital. He expected the mayor to be in touch with him and is surprised to learn she hasn’t been. The cop says that Jordan had an urgent assignment for him, but Curtis doesn’t know what it was.

Back at Ferncliff, Peter tells Lulu that she was really heroic during the interview. She says something feels off about all of this. She looks in on Franco before she leaves. Moments later, an irate Ryan barges into Franco’s room and says he’s made a terrible mistake.

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