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Jason wakes up in the hospital with Carly waiting by his side. Jason wakes up with Carly GHHe can see again and is anxious to go. Anna arrives and tells them about the virus. He was infected for the same reason she was. This was the work of Dr. Cabot and his experiments on twins. Andre used the same methods in his memory transfers. After Anna leaves, Carly gets defensive about his apparent friendship with the spy. He assures her she doesn’t need to be jealous. She tells him she’s pregnant. Jason worries. Giddy Carly tells him he must do what she says for the next seven months. Shiloh sits with sam GHBy the nurses’ station, Shiloh waits with Sam to give her support. He wonders how Jason found them so easily and worries that he came with a gun. After he tries comforting her, he leaves, and she sighs in relief that he’s gone. She rushes into Jason’s room, flustered with worry. He reassures her. Carly starts bickering with Sam about how risky the game with Shiloh is. Jason ends the argument by pointing out she is pregnant. Carly calms down and leaves them alone. Jason asks Sam what happened in the Tower with Shiloh. She tells him that she has to keep doing this and needs his help. As they kiss, Shiloh watches from the doorway. Down the hall, Kim and Finn inform Drew that he was infected with a rare virus. Drew is worried he might have hit someone. After Finn takes off, Kim tells Drew that he hit Jordan. He wants to see her. Meanwhile, Curtis sits by Jordan’s bed, hoping she will squeeze his hand. She remains unconscious and he promises to be there for her. Stella arrives with coffee. They go into the hall and she explains that Jordan’s kidneys have been badly damaged. Curtis sits with Jordan GHHe points at the irony of Jordan being in the most danger when she’s got the safest job of her career. His aunt tells him that prayer has helped her deal with her loved ones in danger. He returns to his wife and tells her how much he loves her and how bonded they have been for years. Holding her hand, he starts planning their honeymoon. Stella calls him out to the hall to see Drew. He apologizes but Curtis knows it was an accident. Back in Jordan’s room, Stella apologizes to her for being so judgmental. She tells her what an admirable woman she is and hopes she can make things up to her. When Curtis interrupts, Jordan’s machine starts beeping and a doctor rushes in. She needs emergency surgery.

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Maxie and Peter talk Sasha GHMaxie and Peter are at the Metro Court discussing the Sasha situation. Sasha sits with Valentin across the room. He thanks her for coming to visit Nina. She’s worried that things will fall apart so he suggests she cut her visit short. Nina arrives and drags her away. Valentin heads to Peter’s table and takes him aside. He asks him to be his best man. The Cassadine considers him a friend. Peter would be honored. They hug. Maxie doesn’t think this bodes well. After Valentin leaves, Peter tells Maxie the news and explains it will give him a chance to spy. Carly shows up and tells Peter not to blow having a second chance. After she walks off, Maxie gets Peter to read the DNA report. It’s not a match. They realize that Maxie grabbed the wrong nail clippings and now they have no evidence. Meanwhile, Anna and Finn corner Cabot. She interrogates him about her memories, and he suggests she talk to her sister. Anna calls an agent to take him to Steinmauer. After the doctor leaves, Finn tries to assure Anna that his research seems far-fetched. Anna worries that she may have memories that aren’t her own. On the way out, Cabot makes a call and tells someone there is a cure.

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Sasha tells Nina how generous she is GHIn the Crimson office, Nina talks about dresses with Sasha and begs her to stay until the wedding. Sasha is impressed by her generous heart but insists that the wedding be her day. Valentin arrives and Sasha takes off. He informs Nina that Peter is his best man. It will be a date night for him and Maxie. She’s happy for them but feels like Maxie is slipping away and that only makes her more grateful to have Sasha around.

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