Franco, Scott, Jordan in court
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Maxie and Peter wait at General Hospital to talk with someone about testing Sasha’s DNA. Maxie doesn’t get why Valentin would pull Maxie and Peter wait for resultssuch a stunt, should Sasha not be Nina’s daughter. Peter understands how much Valentin loves Nina. Of course he would lie to keep the woman who opened up his soul. Maxie doesn’t understand the point of being loved like that if you’re just going to get your heart broken. The lab tech comes out and tells Maxie it will take ten days to get the results. Maxie can’t wait that long and finds a lab out of town who can do it in 24 hours. Peter offers to drive her.

Ava's barely hanging onAfter leaving a message for “Kevin” about going to Franco’s arraignment together, an on edge Ava runs into her brother at the coffee shop. Julian thinks “Kevin” is running her life. She tearfully tells him she is barely hanging on right now and “Kevin” is the only one who can help her. Before Ava leaves, she suggests her brother focus less on her relationship and more on his. Julian insists he and Kim are fine, but Ava was referring to Alexis.

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Sasha joins Nina and Valentin at Kelly’s, much to Valentin’s dismay. Alexis enters and is called over. She reluctantly stops by to say hello and learns Nina and Valentin are engaged. Nina asks Alexis to change her will to include Sasha. Alexis Nina asks for helpagrees to draft a copy in a couple of weeks and walks away. Nina trails after her to offer double her fee if she can have the papers drawn up before the wedding. Alexis doesn’t understand how Nina can marry Valentin after everything he’s done. Nina smugly throws Julian in her face, as he walks in. Once Nina has walked away, Alexis awkwardly explains to her ex that what she said about her therapy being about him is about her moving on, not her wanting to get back together. Julian responds that no part of him considers them a mistake. Back at the table, Sasha notes her discomfort over the will, but Valentin wants to talk about her trying to stop his wedding. Sasha knows how much Valentin loves Nina, but she’s worried how it will all end. Valentin declares he will keep all his balls in the air, so no need to worry. Over at the counter, Oscar gets word he won’t get his driver’s license “at this time.” Joss says they can still make their road trip happen. They grab their takeout and leave.

Liz argues with CamBefore Elizabeth leaves home for Franco’s arraignment, she tells Cam that she and Franco got married. He angrily asks her if she’s out of her mind. Liz defends her husband, but Cam doesn’t want a potential murderer in the home of his brothers. After Liz has left, Oscar and Joss show up, followed by Trina. The kids make plans for Cam to drive them to Niagara Falls this weekend, despite him being grounded.

Ryan taunts Laura and KevinLaura comes to in the basement of Ferncliff. She crawls over to a groggy Kevin and they cling to each other. Ryan mocks their touching moment and announces he was the one who attacked Lulu as well as the other victims—not Franco. Laura calls him a monster. He orders her to call Lulu with a script he wrote. She refuses, but Kevin urges her to do it.

Franco in front of the judgeOutside the courtroom, Lulu worries to Alexis about her mother’s absence. Alexis feels whatever Laura is doing must be important for her to miss Franco’s arraignment. Lulu gets a call from Laura who is “trapped in a meeting.” In the courtroom, Jordan checks in on Franco. She trusts he will make the right decision. Elizabeth shows up and Lulu overhears her former sister-in-law say she and Franco are married. Lulu thinks she’s insane, but Liz believes in Franco. Ava finds “Kevin” outside the courtroom. She admits she’s not ready for this, so he holds out his hand and walks her in. The proceedings start and the judge asks how Franco pleads. Franco hesitates before pleading guilty to all charges. The courtroom is abuzz with confusion. Franco tells Scott he knows exactly what he is doing, but Scott demands his client be evaluated for mental competency. The judge remands Franco to Ferncliff for two weeks for psychiatric evaluation. Franco painfully looks to Elizabeth, as Lulu and Ava agree something feels off. Elizabeth walks over to Franco and slaps him. She throws her rings at him and storms out.

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laura realizes Kevin is blindTrapped alone at Ferncliff, Laura recaps for Kevin everything that happened with Ryan. They declare their love and kiss again. Kevin tells Laura he got through his ordeal because of her. He knew she would figure it out. She now needs him to figure out how to get them out of there.

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