sam and shiloh at floating rib
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Drew meets with Jason on the pier to discuss Shiloh and what kind of game he’s playing. He tells Jason about their conversation regarding Afghanistan and how anxious Shiloh seemed. Jason tells him about the Dawn of Day in Beecher’s Corners. They have Spinelli digging into it. Drew is going to do some more digging too.

Carly and Sonny are at the hospital waiting to see a doctor. Kim arrives, having been referred by Carly’s usual doctor. She confirms that Carly is pregnant. Kim has reviewed Carly’s chart and advises them that it’s a high-risk pregnancy. The doctor heads into the hallway and bumps into Drew. She shows him baby photos of Oscar and wonders if he ever thinks about what it would have been like if they’d raised him together. She’s sure he would have been a wonderful father. Back down the hall, Carly tells Sonny that the baby is a blessing.

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Outside of Kelly’s, Maxie tells Peter that she is going to get to the truth about Sasha. He’ll wait for that with bated breath.

Maxie joins Sasha at the salon and convinces her to get a manicure. As Sasha talks about Valentin and Nina, Maxie swipes one of her used tissues and badmouths the Cassadine. Sasha says she’s pointed out his many flaws to Nina, but that only convinced her that the reunion was a good idea. Maxie explains how much Nina was like Nathan. Now that he’s gone, it’s important that people who care about her, protect her.

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Margaux arrives at Lulu’s to prep her for the arraignment. Lulu insists that she’s ready to go. The DA advises her not to dispute Franco’s plea. Curtis wonders how the accused is holding up. Lulu and the DA are miffed by the question. Curtis just wonders if he had a total break with reality. lulu faces francoThat’s not the lawyer’s concern. She walks out. When Curtis sits down with Lulu, she admits she has no idea how she got away from Franco. When he’s put away, she’ll ask Kevin to hypnotize her again so she can put all the pieces together. Peter arrives with flowers and Curtis makes himself scarce. After Peter hands her a new laptop, he tells her she’s not coming back to work yet. Lulu is determined to write a first-hand account of the attack and threatens to sell it to someone else if he doesn’t want it. Maxie joins them and Peter tells her his concerns about Lulu writing the story. She tells Peter to throw in the towel. Lulu putters off to start writing and Maxie shows Peter the nail clippings of Sasha’s she swiped. He admires her tenacity.

Stella meets Marcus at Kelly’s. He admits he’s been having the Valentine’s Day blues because of the situation with his wife. Marcus explains he sent candy to the staff at the home. Curtis wanders in and Marcus thanks him for bringing Stella back into his life. Marcus leaves, complimenting Stella on her sweater. Stella gets a bit bashful. Sasha walks in. Curtis says he’s surprised she’s back again. She wasn’t planning to return but has started to care about Nina. He admits he’s been worried about Valentin hurting Nina and he really hopes Sasha is as genuine as she seems. Across the room, Michael meets with Kristina. She tells him how great she is feeling thanks to her recent choices. She’s been playing the family screw-up for a few years and hopes Michael can move from being her protector to her investor. She lays out a business proposal. He agrees to lend her the money.

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Shiloh meets with Sam at The Floating Rib. When she asks him about Dawn of Day, he admits that people who get involved usually have strained family relationships, unlike Kristina. The topic turns back to their past and Sam ripping off his father. He admits that he’s starting to feel ‘captivated’ by her. Sam says she’d like to find out more about him. Shiloh asks her to take a drive with him. As he heads for the door, he spots Margaux. They chat about his seminars and she tells him how useful they are. She starts to blab about how she betrayed a friend’s trust by keeping information about his past from him. The DA tells him all about the flashdrive.

Sam runs into Jason on the pier and she tells him Shiloh wants to take her away. He thinks that would be a bad idea but she’s determined.

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