Elizabeth visits Franco in jail
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Sam breaks away from a kiss with Jason at his place to give him a Valentine’s Day card from Danny. Jason loves it. Sam Jason gets news from Spinelliteases him about the holiday, which Jason insists he doesn’t hate. Spinelli arrives and Sam leaves for the DoD party. Spinelli tells Jason Shiloh’s father was on the way to another fortune due to a patent when the brakes on his car went out. Spinelli has more digging to do and Jason suggests he start with the patent. Spinelli leaves to spend the holiday with Ellie, promising to keep Jason updated.

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Sam reluctantly listens to ShilohAt the DoD house, Shiloh compliments Kristina on her decoration skills. Kristina is all smiles until he abruptly asks when her sister will arrive. Valerie shows up to tell Kristina she wants to be friends again. Kristina wants that too. Sam shows up much to Shiloh’s relief, which Kristina notices. She turns back to a wary Valerie to gush about how much DoD has helped her. While talking about the DoD book, Sam asks about Shiloh’s personal life. He says in order to find happiness he had to find peace within himself first. He asks when she will do the same. Shiloh guides her to focus on the present. Kristina is upset to see them so close. Sam notices her sister, who quickly rushes off to talk up DoD more with Valerie, who makes an excuse to leave. Sam prepares to exit as well, promising Shiloh to return. Shiloh confronts Kristina about her sister leaving so early. Kristina admits it bothers her how close he and Sam are. He assures her the enlightenment she seeks is down the road through his courses. She can’t afford them, but he tells her it’s as important as her physical health, gently suggesting she find the money.

Outside DoD, Sam calls Jason. She tells him how creepy Shiloh is and that Kristina is possessive of him. They agree to see each other tomorrow and profess their love. However, Sam sneaks over to Jason’s to spend Valentine’s Day with him in bed. Sam notices Jason bought pink roses and tells him how lucky she is. Jason now gets the point of Valentine’s Day. It’s about not taking love for granted.

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At the police station, Elizabeth tells Franco she wants to marry him – right there, right now. Franco is flabbergasted but says no because marrying an accused murderer in a jail cell is not the wedding she deserves, besides there’s no one to officiate. Elizabeth smiles saying she took care of that as a newly ordained Drew arrives. Franco says this is insane. Elizabeth wouldn’t have it any other way. Between the bars, Elizabeth tells Franco he freed her soul and for that, she is forever grateful. He says, “I love you. That’s it. That’s all I got.” They agree to love, honor and cherish each other until death do them part. They exchange rings and say their I dos. Drew pronounces them husband and wife and they kiss.

Sonny and Carly in bedSonny and Carly spend the afternoon in bed at home. Sonny notes how hard their year has been with Mike and he couldn’t have done it without her. He knows he doesn’t say it enough, but he loves her and appreciates her. He jumps out of bed so they’re not late for their dinner reservation, which will be a night to remember. Carly looks pensive as she whispers to herself, “You can say that again.”

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Ned and Olivia toast to Valentine’s Day at the Metro Court. Ned slides over a hotel key card to the same room where Olivia got drunk and tried to save all those dogs on TV years ago. It was the night he fell in love with her and he’s been falling ever since. After they head up to their room to celebrate, Sonny and Carly enter and sit at a nearby table. He gives Carly airline tickets for a vacation in three weeks. Carly stammers that they have too much going on right now, so they might not be able go. Sonny credits her with making him see that spending time with family is important.

Back at home, Carly tells Sonny that she’s pregnant.

In the Swedish clinic, Dr. Cabot thinks he’s talking to Alex Devane when he hears Anna’s voice. She plays along, but Cabot quickly deduces she’s “the other one.” She tries to deny, but he knows her sister quite well. Anna tells him they will restore his eyesight if he answers their questions. He retorts that if they want his cooperation, they will treat him first. Anna agrees to his terms and Robert leaves to make the arrangements. Cabot asks after Alex saying Anna and her were always like oil and water, which seems to upset Anna.

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