Ryan targets Griffin
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At the Metro Court, Jason and Sonny meet Spinelli, who reveals Shiloh’s background story all checks out.

Shiloh and Kristina Sam stops by the DoD house to see Shiloh, surprising Kristina. Kristina is sent off by Shiloh on a task, and gives Sam a tour of the house. Their conversation turns to her relationship with Jason, which she thinks is none of his business. He explains examining the mechanics of human behavior is what they do and believes Sam’s relationship issues stem from the fact that everyone she’s loved has abandoned her and it’s why she’s attracted to dangerous men. He invites her to the DoD Valentine’s Day event and promises it will be a new start for her.

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Neil bar fly Julian catches Alexis on the phone outside of his pub making an appointment with a new therapist. They head inside and he is glad she’s back in therapy because she still seems obsessed with him and his love life. She fumes and heads to the bar, where she vents to a stranger, (played by Joe Flannigan), about her ex endlessly. The man notes she seems to always talk about herself in the context of her ex, and perhaps she needs to focus on her own happiness. She tells him that he’s insightful for a barfly. He suggests they continue this conversation over dinner, but she believes it’s a bad idea given her issues. He offers his card if she changes her mind. The man leaves, and Alexis also departs for her appointment.

At the PCPD, Franco swears to Margaux and Jordan that he is innocent, and Liz reminds them that the killer has a record of shifting the blame to others such as Carly and Griffin. Jordan and Margaux escort Franco into the interrogation room, where they lay out the evidence against him, including that his shoes match the print in Lulu’s office. Scott storms in with an injunction from a judge refusing to allow Franco to be charged until he has an MRI to indicate if he has another brain tumor. After he departs with Franco, Jordan and Margaux discuss Franco’s previous murders. Margaux thinks the staging of the current victims fits Franco’s artistic pattern, but Jordan admits it’s all too neat and easy.

At GH, Ryan joins Griffin in line to donate blood and asks Griffin if he knows where Ava is, but Griffin doesn’t. Ryan saw them embracing and asks if anything is going on between them, which upsets Griffin who insists there isn’t. Elsewhere, Liz, Scott and an escorting officer arrive with Franco for an MRI. Scott admits this is a stall tactic, and he and Liz head to find Griffin and make arrangements. Ava approaches Franco, who assures her that this is a misunderstanding and he’d never hurt Kiki. Ava believes he is innocent but just needed to hear him say it. Ava sees Franco Franco asks Ava to speak to Kevin, because in their session files he made it seem like he was about to crack. Ava suggests maybe Kevin was concerned about him but didn’t want to alarm him. She realizes she owes someone an apology and rushes off. Meanwhile, Liz and Scott arrange an MRI with Griffin. Liz notes all the scrapes and cuts on Griffin’s forehead, but he blows her off and insists he’s fine. Ryan heads to Kevin’s office and vents he won’t let Griffin take Ava away from him, and that Griffin has to go. He ponders how to do it with Franco in jail and feels Griffin’s depression over Kiki’s death is the key. He finds Griffin in the hallway and apologizes if he upset him earlier. Ryan reveals that he and the doctors want to buy Kiki a memorial brick in the courtyard and asks him to come to the roof to look down on the courtyard to choose the perfect spot. Elsewhere, Liz returns to Franco, who is starting to panic and worries the tumor could be back and he could have done these things. Liz calms him and says she believes he is innocent. Ava heads to talk to Kevin, but finds his office empty. Up on the roof, Ryan pulls out a syringe and stands behind Griffin, who looks down on the courtyard.

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Spinelli has news Kristina arrives at the Metro Court and meets Sonny for dinner. He is glad she’s happy at DoD, but wants her to know that he’s always there for her. Back at the bar, Spinelli shows Jason a photo of a woman who was at one time Shiloh’s closest ally. Her name is Lorraine Miller, but after joining DoD, she renamed herself Harmony. She runs the DoD house in Beecher’s Corner. Sonny rejoins them later and Jason reveals he’s going visit Harmony.

Kristina returns to the DoD house, where Sam reveals to her and Shiloh that she’ll be coming to their Valentine’s Day event.

Alexis arrives to meet her therapist, who turns out to be the barfly.

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Jason speaks with Harmony, who tells him Dawn of Day is a family.

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