Jordan interrogates Franco
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Margaux runs into Sonny as he steps off the Metro Court elevator. They talk about Franco attacking Lulu. She warns him Margaux and Sonny at the Metro Courtagainst taking the law into his own hands but assures him she has let her vendetta against him go. Across the room, Scott sits down with Alexis at her table. She has an update on Gail’s will. Before she can tell him, Elizabeth calls to tell Scott Franco’s been arrested. He makes some calls and then Alexis tells Scott he’ll get more information on Gail’s wishes on April 1st. After Scott and Margaux have left, Sonny joins Alexis to talk about Kristina. They agree the whole Dawn of Day situation is weird, but Alexis doesn’t want to meddle. After some banter about Alexis’ experience at a seminar, she gives Sonny the DoD book to read and leaves. Later, Sonny declares the book garbage, but the bartender tells him it changed his life.

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Ava storms into “Kevin’s” office demanding what he knew about Lulu’s attacker. As Kevin, Ryan talks her down assuring her if someone hurts her, they hurt him. He will exact payment for Kiki. Chase enters with a warrant for Franco’s file. Ava doesn’t believe Franco did this and asks what evidence Chase has. The cop can’t talk about it and exits. Ava confronts Ryan about why he didn’t tell her about Franco, remaining adamant that he didn’t do it. Ryan shouts that she should be happy Kiki’s killer is behind bars. She grills him about whether he felt Franco was a danger to others while he was treating him. Ryan confirms he did, but he didn’t feel it was so bad he should alert the authorities. Ava becomes enraged, questioning his judgment. She starts to leave, but he grabs her arm and sternly says, “Don’t you walk away from me.” He apologizes, but Ava storms out. Ryan screams in a rage as he throws everything off his desk.

Elizabeth goes off on the cops ransacking Franco’s office at the hospital. Griffin enters and pulls her to the hallway where he learns Franco was arrested for attacking Lulu. Elizabeth knows Franco didn’t attack her or anyone else. She has faith in him. Griffin believes faith is something you choose and if you don’t examine your beliefs, then you’re just blind. Elizabeth continues to defend Franco. Chase returns to find the cops have found something in Franco’s office. After the cops have left, Griffin helps Liz clean up. She finds a sketch of their wedding invitation and leaves. Later, an upset Ava runs into Griffin in the hallway. He comforts her as Ryan walks by and sees.

Jordan interrogates FrancoAt the PCPD, Franco spits at Jordan that he will sue her and the department for false imprisonment. Scott shows up, followed by Margaux. As Scott talks with Franco in the interrogation room, Jordan and Margaux discuss their flimsy case in the squad room. Jordan gets a message that will strengthen their case. The women enter the interrogation room where Margaux reads from Kevin’s notes that he believes Franco has bloodlust. Griffin shows up with the victims’ drivers licenses found in Franco’s art therapy room. After Franco is taken away, Elizabeth shows up and learns what happened from Scott.

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Terry gives news to Drew, Oscar and KimTerry meets with Oscar, Drew and Kim in Kim’s office to tell them Oscar’s latest scans indicate the tumor has stopped growing. An excited Oscar leaves to meet with Joss. Kim asks Terry if there’s anything else she can tell him. The doctor warns that although the tumor didn’t grow, it also didn’t shrink. It’s just a temporary reprieve; his prognosis remains the same. Eventually, the disease will progress and life will become more difficult for Oscar. She suggests they have a plan in place, but it can wait. They should take a break and make some memories they can keep forever. Alone, Kim and Drew discuss the news. Drew promises they will figure out what to do together.

Joss waits for Oscar at Charlie’s where Julian greets her. He tells Joss her little plot to break him and Kim up has come to an end. Oscar enters wondering what little plot? Before Joss answers, Oscar tells her his tumor has stopped growing. She’s thrilled, but he wants to know what she and Julian were talking about. She confesses she asked Julian to break up with Kim. He appreciates it, but he thinks they should let his parents do whatever they’re going to do without their help. After the kids have left, Kim stops by to tell Julian they have more time with Oscar. They kiss as Alexis walks in, sees and leaves.

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