Franco arrested
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At the park, Valentin arrives with Charlotte, who is excited to have a girls’ day with Nina and Sasha. Valentin leaves them because he has a meeting with Miss Tate. While Charlotte ice skates, Nina asks Sasha why she didn’t seem excited about Valentin’s proposal. Sasha is worried now that she knows more about Nina’s history with Valentin, and asks why Nina turned him down. Nina admits she has a bad track record with marriage, it’s usually the beginning of the end of the relationship.

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At The Invader offices, Maxie speaks with Peter about Valentin, who she doesn’t trust. Peter admits Valentin is a man of many secrets and will lie when it suits him. Maxie worries one of his lies will hurt Nina. She admits she gave Nina advice recently and Nina chose to follow her heart, which she is also doing with Peter. Up in the Metro Court restaurant, Obrecht eavesdrops on Finn, Robert and Anna’s working lunch about Cabot. Finn has confirmed that Cabot is still living in Sweden after retiring from the university. Obrecht crashes their meeting and asks them to join her in celebrating her new job writing for The Invader thanks to Peter. Anna is stunned and leaves to speak with her son. She heads down to The Intruder offices and interrupts Peter and Maxie just as they are about to kiss and demands to know why he’s hired Obrecht. Maxie admits he did it for her, but Peter insists it was his decision and he knows what he’s doing. He dropped the charges and hired her so she could be near the only family she has left. Anna feels he shown her more humanity than she deserves, and she’ll be keeping an eye on him and Obrecht. Anna returns to the Metro Court and suggests to Finn and Robert they get back to dealing with Cabot. Finn offers to speak to him as a researcher, and Robert believes Anna shouldn’t be a part of this because he has met Alex and her presence could spook him. Anna agrees, and tells Finn to be safe. In the lobby, Valentin meets with Miss Tate to pick up Charlotte’s homework as she’s been out of class due to Lulu’s attack. The conversation quickly turns to Charlotte’s cheating and bullying, and Willow feels Charlotte needs to learn to be more of a kid and some kid lessons, like how to get along with someone even if you don’t like them. Nina, Sasha and Charlotte arrive in the restaurant, and Nina excuses herself to make a quick call. She walks in on Valentin speaking to Willow, who says she will contact him if anything else comes up with Charlotte, but by law she can’t discuss it with Nina. Nina reveals that won’t be a problem because she and Valentin are getting remarried. Back in The Intruder Office, Maxie tells Peter it’s up to them to find out what Valentin is hiding from Nina.

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At GH, Franco cleans up the art therapy room while talking with Liz. In Kevin’s office, Ryan coaxes a hypnotized Lulu into thinking Franco is the one who attacked her. After, he brings Laura and Jordan in, and Lulu identifies Franco as her attacker. Jordan takes Lulu’s statement. Lulu remembers him holding the knife, but not the actual attack or how she stumbled out of the office to the Metro Court. Laura tells her daughter she did a great job and then speaks with Jordan in the hall. She doesn’t want Liz or her grandchildren in the crossfire when they arrest Franco. She calls Liz to see where she is and learns she’s with Franco in the art therapy room. Laura needs to talk, so Liz offers to meet up with her in the break room. Laura passes on Franco’s whereabouts to Jordan. Laura takes Lulu back to her room, while Ryan takes a second to glance at his collection of trophy licenses. He wipes his prints from Lulu, Kiki and Mary Pat’s licenses. Back in the art therapy room, Jordan bursts in with backup, draws her gun, and orders Liz to step away from Franco. Liz demands to know what is going on. Kevin walks in and tells Franco to do what he’s told so nobody is hurt. Liz believes a mistake has been made, but Jordan says Lulu named Franco as her attacker. Liz won’t believe it and tells Franco she will call his dad. Franco asks her to step aside and states it will be okay. Franco is arrested, and a cop takes him off to the PCPD. In the hall, Liz calls Scott for help, and runs into Laura and Lulu. She defends Franco to them, but Lulu swears Franco attacked her. Back in Kevin’s office, Ryan tells the remaining licenses that he’s glad to still have them.

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