Sonny asks Brick for help
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At the Metro Court, Sonny meets with Brick after speaking to Mike on the phone. Sonny fills him in on Mike’s situation. At the bar, Ava asks Olivia to help her locate Kiki’s killer by using her psychic powers. She forces mementos of Kiki into her hands as Olivia tries to tell her that she doesn’t understand how her visions work, and it’s been years since she had one. Olivia is psychic When Olivia doesn’t feel anything, Ava lashes out at her. Sonny overhears Ava shouting and checks in on them. Ava quickly leaves, and Olivia explains Ava is just grieving. She feels her pain because nobody seems to know where Dante is and she’s worried. Sonny believes Brick can help them and introduces him to Olivia. Sonny explains their situation with Dante and asks if he can try and locate their son without blowing his cover. After making some calls he informs Sonny that he and hasn’t found anything yet but promises to keep searching. Later, Sonny realizes there may be someone else that can reach Dante.

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Kim and Carly Carly drops by Kim’s apartment to see how she is doing. She notices the scarf she’s knitting, and Kim explains Drew wanted to see her handiwork. Carly is intrigued, but Kim quickly informs her nothing is going on between them.

Drew stops by Charlie’s to ask Julian to leave Kim alone because he’s hurt her enough. Julian thinks he might be right. Drew leaves, and runs into Carly outside. She tells him about just seeing Kim and thinks if they can support each other through this time they should. He knows this is not about his well being, but Jason and Sam. She admits she’s happy for them but would be happier if he could reconnect with Kim.

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Lulu has a nightmare At GH, Alexis stops by “Kevin’s” office and asks for an impromptu therapy appointment. He claims to be too busy but would like to ask her about Laura and the divorce as he claims to have lost his copy of the prenup. She tells him that she will provide him with one. “Kevin” offers to hear Alexis out to thank her. She wants to begin their sessions again, but he can’t seeing as she’s his soon-to-be his ex-wife’s lawyer. She understands. Outside of Lulu’s room, Jordan checks in with Curtis, who has been standing guard. Laura overhears them discussing the PCPD having a new suspect, but Jordan prefers not to say anything without more proof. Meanwhile Lulu dreams of the attack, but blocks out Ryan’s face, and wakes up screaming. Laura rushes in, followed by Jordan and Curtis, and Lulu tells them about her dream. Jordan suggests there are ways to unlock her memories, but Laura won’t have it until she’s stronger. Later, Ava arrives to see Lulu, and becomes upset to learn she can’t remember what happened and starts screaming. Laura orders her out and in the hall blasts Ava for her behavior. Over in Kevin’s office, Jordan stops by to inquire if Franco could be the killer. She asks for Franco’s records, which he indicates he can’t give her. Elsewhere, Franco breaks the news to Liz that the PCPD think he’s the killer. Franco is a suspect Liz thinks that is absurd. Franco also tells her about Kevin dumping him, so she suggests he speak to him and see if he’ll reconsider his decision. Later, Laura chats with Liz and learns that the police suspect Franco is the killer. Back in Kevin’s office, Ryan writes Franco’s name down on his notepad with a question mark next to it. Franco barges in and insists “Kevin” take him back as a patient. Ryan agrees. In the hall, Alexis runs into Laura and is cut off by the new mayor, who runs off to deal with business. Alexis needed to ask about her prenup. Meanwhile, Jordan returns to Lulu’s room, and Lulu asks about the methods to help her remember she mentioned earlier. Jordan asks if she’d try hypnotherapy. Lulu agrees.

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Julian visits Kim to again apologize for hurting her with his lie but wonders if she is better off with Drew. She admits she’s grown closer to Drew, but it’s because of the grief they are going through. She misses the way he made her feel, and how fun and easy things were with him. He misses her too, and he doesn’t know if he’s messed things up beyond repair. She tells him she needs him and pulls him into a kiss. Later, Drew stops by and Kim informs him that she’s back with Julian.

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