maxie removes wedding ring

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Kim and Drew arrive at her place. She’s stunned to see it’s so clean and realizes the cleaners must have come– they were a gift from Julian. She reveals that kim and drew continue spending time togetherJulian had sex with someone then dumped her. Drew yells when he sits on a knitting needle of Kim’s. She explains that knitting helped when Oscar got sick. As the night winds down, Drew says goodbye and leaves.

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At the hospital, Lucas can’t give Ava details about Lulu and warns her not to press Lulu to remember who tried to kill her. Elsewhere, Julian walks with Brad as he pushes Wiley in a stroller. He warns that Brad needs to remain calm about Wiley’s paternity and to stay away from Willow. Lucas appears. julian warns ava about revengeJulian covers and makes an excuse as to why he’s with Brad and Wiley again. He was looking for Ava. Julian sees Ava, warns Lucas to give Brad a break then joins his sister. Over talk of the murders, he suggests she not avenge Kiki and confides he pushed Kim away. Ava calls him an ass. Ava thinks Julian is worthy of happiness and warns him to make things right. At the nurses’ hub, Franco approaches Liz with books on LGBTQ kids. Liz doesn’t want to talk about it and would rather wait for Aiden to come to them. Franco would normally agree but brings up the current bullying. Liz has to go but thanks Franco for the books. Later, Lucas and Brad find Liz reading. Liz confides what’s going on with Aiden. Though Brad knew he liked boys at a very young age, Lucas didn’t. He played it straight for as long as he could. They offer to come for dinner, and warn it’s not going to get easier anytime soon, then vow to be there for her.

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Alexis joins Kristina and Shiloh at the Dawn of Day house and agrees to join the class for a session. As Shiloh talks relationships, Alexis whispers to Kristina that she refuses to talk about Julian. Kristina wants to discuss their relationship. Shiloh mediates as they dig deep as to why they shiloh mediates between kristina and alexisfight and don’t communicate better. Kristina states to Alexis, “I want your respect.” Alexis admits how she forgets Kristina is an adult now and vows to give her respect. Shiloh and Kristina urge Alexis to open up about her own relationships. Kristina pushes for her to talk about Julian, and Alexis finally admits she wants to feel again – to feel the passion she felt when she was with Julian. She quickly backtracks, denies wanting Julian, then rushes out.

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At the Metro Court, Obrecht finishes up a call with Valentin, reminding him she needs income in exchange for her silence about Sasha. She joins Nina and Maxie. Today’s the anniversary of Nathan’s death. They toast to his memory and remember stories about Nathan. Obrecht starts to bring obrecht asks maxie about her wedding ringup Faison but Nina doesn’t want her to dwell on Nathan’s death. Liesl notices Maxie’s ring-less finger and gasps, “You’ve lost your wedding ring.” Maxie admits it was time to put the ring away. Nina backs up Maxie and tells Obrecht it’s time to move on. Maxie kicks Nina under the table when talk of Maxie seeing someone comes up. The conversation twists to Obrecht wanting a job at Crimson and her attitude further causes friction between her and Nina, who stomps away.

At Wyndemere, Valentin asks Peter to hire Obrecht. Peter recalls how she tortured him for months and realizes Obrecht has something on Valentin. He asks Peter to forget their conversation. Peter replies, “Not likely,” then leaves. Nina arrives and replays how her evening with the girls crashed and burned. She asks if Sasha can come for a visit.

Back at the Metro Court, Maxie deters Obrecht’s questions about the man in her life. Maxie sees Peter and thinks back to Obrecht wanting a job then calls him over.

Julian arrives at Kim’s and admits he never slept with anyone. She makes him a better person. Julian professes his love.

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Chase and Jordan discuss the murders at the station. Wondering how they can find a connection, Chase looks at the producer’s script and blurts out, “An already established killer.” Jordan calls Franco and asks him to meet. When Franco arrives, they go over the similarities in the murders Jordan makes a call about kiki’s murderbut Franco can’t find a connection. Chase admits they couldn’t either until they looked at Patton Mills’ script. Franco looks at the script and sees the producer wrote, “Talk to Franco,” on the front page. Franco denies any involvement, hands over his cell and urges them to check his records before the killer murders anyone else. After, they learn Franco didn’t return Patton’s calls then dismiss him and privately wonder if Franco to Kevin that he was the killer.

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