Ryan and Kevin at Ferncliff

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Drew meets Kim at the Metro Court bar. Oscar is out with Joss for the evening, so Drew offers to buy her dinner so neither of them spends the evening alone.

Lucas and Brad speak with Bobby at GH. Michael is watching Wiley so they can have a date night.

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Willow stops by Charlie’s and blasts Julian for violating the adoption agreement and spending time with Wiley. He points out she seems to be dropping by this place to purposefully see the child. Michael stops in, with the baby, to pick up take out. Willow swoops in to talk to him and ogle the child, so Julian points out to Michael he shouldn’t be there because he is not to have contact with Wiley per the adoption agreement. Michael agrees to go elsewhere from now on but is glad to run into Willow. He invites Willow to join him for conversation while he waits on his food. At a nearby table, Joss and Oscar have dinner, and he reveals his parents have been spending a lot of time together, which he’s happy about. Joss excuses herself to grab them hot chocolate and takes the chance to thank Julian for taking a step away from Kim for Oscar’s sake.

Anna identifies Alex At Anna’s, Robert grills the spy over her contact with Dr. Cabot, but she insists she never met him. Robert produces a photo of her with him, though his back is to the camera and is his face not shown. She realizes that it is her twin Alex in the photo, and with some checking, Robert verifies Alex was in the right place at the right time and it could be her. They decide it’s time to get Kevin to give them the truth about Cabot.

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Blind kevin Ryan is called into Ferncliff by a nurse to deal with a problem with “Wilson.” Ryan discovers his brother suddenly went blind last night, and the nurse indicates protocol is to transfer him to GH. Ryan refuses to allow that and orders the nurse out of the room. Once alone, Ryan reveals he too went blind last night, and his condition is treatable. Kevin begs his brother to take pity on him, but Ryan wants answers first. Ryan asks his brother about his interactions with Dr. Cabot and the WSB. Kevin recalls meeting him years ago to discuss the two of them because Cabot was researching identical twins. However, he refused an offer to work with Cabot, so he has no idea what became of him or his research. Kevin asks for the treatment in exchange for the information, but Ryan refuses. Ryan taunts his brother that he’s divorced Laura, and had to attack Lulu, who got too close to the truth, but she survived and fortunately has forgotten everything. Ryan says by the time she remembers, he will be long gone with Ava. Kevin can’t believe Ryan is going to take off with the money from the marriage prenup and begs him not to hurt Laura any more than he has. Ryan wasn’t aware of the prenup and thanks his brother for the financial tip. Ryan leaves, Kevin notes his brother is the truly blind one.

Brad and Lucas date night At the Metro Court, Brad and Lucas briefly chat with Drew and Kim before heading to their table for dinner. However, neither can stop thinking about and missing Wiley, so they decide to call it an early evening. Brad calls Michael, who admits he’s at Charlie’s with their son. Once off the phone, Brad insists he’s capable of picking up Wiley and suggests Lucas check in with GH and they meet back at home. At their table, Drew and Kim continue to discuss Oscar, and Kim shifts the subject to Drew’s other child Scout. She asks all about his daughter, so he fills her in on his relationship with Sam and Scout’s birth.

Ryan arrives at Anna’s, after she called him over. They asked him again about Cabot. “Kevin” admits he finally recalled meeting with the man. He explains Cabot was researching twins and was interested in his brother, but he refused to work with him. After Ryan leaves, Anna wonders why Cabot was interested in twins and how does the blindness play into all of this. Robert suggests it was an experiment gone wrong, but Finn points out it could have gone right.

Lucas returns to GH and Bobbie asks what happened to date night. He admits they called it off early because they missed Wiley. Bobbie understands but advises he and Brad need to find time to be together.

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