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Griffin meets with Carly and Sonny at the Corinthos compound to discuss Mike. The doctor is sorry to hear that he’s been losing control. Mike and Sonny discuss his living situation GHSonny wonders if having Mike living with him is just making things worse. Mike wanders in and tells Griffin that this a great place to stay. After Mike goes back upstairs, Griffin says that it’s important they give him the best life they can now. The doctor assures them that Mike can feel how much his family loves him. Once he leaves, Carly comforts Sonny. As they sit down and discuss the situation, Sonny worries that he’s been too selfish. She reassures him and he calls Turning Woods to arrange a room for his father. Upstairs, Mike packs his bag. He goes downstairs and thanks them for taking him in. He’s moving in with Yvonne. Sonny says he has a room there any time he wants. Carly offers to drive him. When Mike rushes off to get his gloves, Sonny checks his bag and sobs before dropping a picture of them in. After Carly drives Mike off, Sonny cries.

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At the hospital, Stella lashes out at Curtis for going behind her back and calling Marcus. They bicker and she asks him to refrain from making assumption about her life. She explains that Marcus has arranged to meet her to discuss this. She leaves in a huff and Curtis smiles. Meanwhile, Alexis runs into Julian and asks if he’s patched things up with Kim. She grounds him and the lawyer is worried what will happen to him without her. He says his life is none of her concern. Down the hall, Jordan and Laura are with Lulu. Ryan looms in the doorway with Ava. Lulu says she remembers him coming to her office. Ryan points out that he was in the room when she woke up and must be confused. Lulu tears up and apologizes to her mom. Everyone tells her this wasn’t her fault. Ryan and Ava exit. Lulu tries to remember but there’s nothing there. Jordan keeps pushing Lulu to think. “It hurts!” Lulu cries. They stop and Laura reassures her daughter. Laura goes off and finds Griffin, asking him to see if Lulu has a brain injury. Ava is eager for Lulu to remember GHDown the hall, Ava tells Ryan that it’s only a matter of time until Lulu remembers and then Kiki’s killer can be punished. Ava gets some coffee and finds Laura. She asks after Lulu and tells her how happy she is that Lulu has survived. Laura thanks her. When Ava gets to Ryan’s room, he’s dressed and ready to go. He suggests they leave for a vacation. After checking on Lulu, Griffin tells Laura and Jordan that a psychiatrist is a better bet than him to help Lulu remember. Jordan spots ‘Kevin’ and asks him to join her in Lulu’s room. Laura asks if pushing Lulu to remember could hurt her. Ryan says it could. Laura asks Jordan to stop the questioning and they let Lulu go to sleep. When Laura thanks Ryan, he says he just wants Lulu taken care of. The mayor heads down the hall and asks Jordan to put as many cops as she can on the streets before asking Curtis to guard her daughter. Meanwhile, Ryan gets a call about Mr. Wilson having an emergency.

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In the Metro Court, Marcus apologizes to Stella for how he lashed out. He’s decided to let Yvonne be with Mike. They discuss loss and their break-up. She’s sure that it was the right choice and he had a wonderful life with Yvonne. He says that doesn’t lessen the love he had for her back then. She hopes they can still be friends.

Shiloh offer Kristina a new position GHAt the Dawn of Day house, Kristina admits to Shiloh that she’s doubting the integrity of their group. He is eager to regain her trust and says that all of this has shone a light on her future. He thinks that Daisy needs to take a break from being the group’s ambassador and asks Kristina to take over. She’s unsure but agrees, promising not to let him down. He puts a hand on her knee as she smiles. Kristina calls her mom and asks her to come to a seminar tonight.

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Sam tells Jason her plan GHAt the penthouse, Sam tells Jason they need to break up because Kristina is in more trouble than she realized. If she’s single, it will give Shiloh the opening he wants. Sam explains that Daisy took the blame for the emails. She’s afraid that Shiloh will manipulate Kristina away from her family. The only way she can protect her sister is by beating Shiloh at his own game. Breaking up with Jason will make her look vulnerable enough to join Dawn of Day. She calls Shiloh and leaves her number and then invites Jason to bed before they have to officially split.

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