Lauara talks to Lulu as she wakes up GH

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At the PCPD, Jordan is perplexed that she isn’t getting any clues. She tells Curtis she needs to be ready for when Lulu wakes up. They talk about the case and Jordan wonders if the killer is trying to provoke her. She gets a lead on the knife and then a call from the hospital.

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Ryan prepares to finish Lulu off GHAt the hospital, Ryan sneaks into Lulu’s room and shuts the door. He presses a pillow on her face. She starts to fight it but goes limp. He hears Laura and a doctor arrive, so he shoves the pillow behind her head and makes an excuse about being there. Lulu starts to wake up and Laura is eager to start making calls. Ryan follows her into the hall and offers to help and says he’d like to give Lulu counseling. Laura returns to her daughter alone. Lulu knows she was attacked and assumes the culprit must have been caught. Jordan arrives to ask questions. Lulu is fuzzy but eager to talk. Jordan tells her what they know about the attack. Lulu recalls her phone conversations and Peter cancelling her story but gets upset when she can’t remember the attack immediately. Down the hall, Finn, Anna and Robert talk about ‘Kevin’ getting the same rare virus she did and lying about knowing Dr. Cabot. They look for ‘Kevin’ but he’s not in his room. Anna guesses he must be on the roof savoring the view. Robert doubts it and thinks that Dr. Collins may have a secret life. Ryan arrives in his room and they grill him about lying. He insists he doesn’t know Cabot. They keep demanding cooperation. He swears he doesn’t know anything and shouts at them to leave. Finn shuts down the questioning of his patient. He takes the spies into the hall and warns them they got close to violating hospital ethics. Robert snickers and then checks his notes. He realizes that Cabot also met with Anna. Ryan heads back down the hall and watches as Lulu starts to remember someone coming to her office.

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Kristina is at the Dawn of Day residence when Shiloh startles her by asking for her forgiveness. He’s sorry she was upset by the seminar. She insists that it was a help, regardless of what Sam says. He urges her to have more compassion for her sister and says she’s strong like her mother.

Sam and Jason discuss their reunion GHAt the penthouse, Sam and Jason talk awkwardly and then kiss. She’s been going crazy, worrying that something might take him away. They agree that last night was great and so was this morning. Taking her hand, Jason tells her all the ways she’s beautiful. He’ll never take her for granted. Before they can run up the stairs, someone bangs on the door. Spinelli rushes in and guesses he’s interrupting. He’s found evidence that the emails sent to Sam came from Dawn of Day. Kristina calls and tells Sam she needs to talk. After Sam runs off, Jason fills in Spinelli more about Shiloh and his group. Spinelli confirms that Shiloh came from a wealthy family, joined a security group, and fell off the grid. He quizzes Stone Cold about the thaw in his relationship with Sam. Jason ruins the mood by telling him of Lulu’s stabbing. Spin rushes out to see her.

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Sam and Kristina hear Daisy's confession GHSam arrives at Dawn of Day. Shiloh tells her that he’s investigated the emails. Daisy says that she’s the one who sent them. Sam assumes that Shiloh is putting her up to this, but Daisy explains that she started digging into Sam’s past after hearing Kristina talk about her. Sam sounded just like the woman in Shiloh’s book. This doesn’t make any sense to the PI. Kristina is outraged by all of this and storms off. Shiloh apologizes for Daisy and asks how he can make things up to her. He hands her his card. Once Sam pensively exits, Shiloh asks Kristina to be more forgiving.

Sam returns to the penthouse as Jason is about to leave. He suggests they do something tonight, but she says they need to break up.

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