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Ryan shows up at Lulu’s office. As she looks through reports of Ryan’s victims, he grabs her driving license. Ryan confronts Lulu GHWhen he lists several victims in cases that were never solved, she notices him pocketing the license and starts to fidget. She reminds him of when he had a breakdown and thought he was Ryan. He assures her that’s not what’s happening and tells her the truth is staring her in the face. When she refuses to believe that, he whips out a knife. He stabs her but is disappointed when she gets up. Before he can do anything, he has a sudden, violent headache and collapses.

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At the Metro Court, Lucas meets with Michael, who explains he’s set up a college fund for Wiley. He assures him this isn’t about his losing Jonah. In the dining room, Sonny and Carly aren’t wild to see Ava there. Ava and Lucy bicker GHAcross the room, Ava and Lucy argue about Kevin. Lucy accuses her of being toxic. They accuse each other of being killers. At the bar, Curtis and Laura watch Lucy and Ava facing off. Laura is sure Lucy would win a brawl. Jordan shows up to say that no headless bodies have appeared yet. Laura joins Sonny and Carly and warns them that Lucy’s book doesn’t make anyone in town look good. Lulu is stabbed by Ryan GHThey discuss Dante’s ongoing absence until Lucy interrupts to thank Sonny for his patronage. Carly wanders over to Ava and tells her she’ll never let her leave town with Avery. Bloody Lulu stumbles off the elevator and collapses in the middle of the room. Laura calls an ambulance as Lucas and Michael rush in to help. After Lulu is taken away, a disoriented Ryan steps off the elevator. He’s lost his sight.

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Finn and Anna discuss her virus GHAt the hospital, Liz notices that Kim is distracted. The doctor explains that Oscar is late checking in. She worries and Liz tries reassuring her. Down the corridor, Finn mockingly lectures Anna for wheeling around the halls before being discharged. They wonder how she got the virus in the first place. He assures her that it has been neutralized but they still have no idea how she got it. Meanwhile, Lulu is rushed into treatment. Lucas assures Laura that she was probably rescued in time. Laura visits her daughter and tells her how much her family needs her. When she walks out, Carly tells her and Sonny that she found ‘Kevin’ and he’s lost his sight. Laura doesn’t know how this could have happened when there were cops everywhere. Down the hall, Ava joins Ryan and he asks after Lulu. He suggests she get an update on her condition. When Ava returns, she tells him Lulu might not make it through the night. Seeing his shoes in a bag, she takes them away. Meanwhile, Liz tells Anna and Finn that Kevin has lost his sight.

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Jordan and Curtis investigate the crime scene in The Invader office. He finds a knife on the floor. They also find a bloody footprint.

Oscar and Joss sneak into a tunnel to the catacombs. They look for an entrance but can’t find one. He’s relieved that he got to get out and do something with her. She’d like to go but he likes hanging out in there. She admits that every moment they have together is a miracle. He says he can’t imagine being dead, so he imagines climbing mountains with her or his dad. The worst part of dying is losing her. When they get cold, she suggests they head home. He collapses and starts convulsing.

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Willow confesses to Chase GHChase and Willow go back to his place with some takeout. She reassures him that she feels safe with him. He admires her honesty. The cop tells her about his catastrophic past relationships. She kisses him and he assures her he doesn’t want to rush into anything. Willow confesses that she lost her child and has been keeping this from him. She’s only been with one man, the father of her baby. With some difficulty, she explains her baby is alive and she gave him up for adoption. She tells him how hard that was and how much she almost changed her mind. However, she does think he’s better off in a loving home. Chase holds her hand. She sobs and decides it’s time to go.

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