Curtis and Jordan Work

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At Turning Woods, Sonny tries to talk to Marcus about Mike and Yvonne. He believes Mike and Yvonne are helping one another, but Marcus thinks this is just a short-term blip, and he’s been there for his wife for thirty years. Sonny points out the short term is all they have. Yvonne approaches asking about Mike. Marcus tells her that he’s with Stella, and she becomes irate and wants only Mike. Marcus reminds her that he’s her husband, but she doesn’t know him.

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Mike has lunch with Stella at Kelly’s and is worried about Yvonne. Stella offers to take him back, but Yvonne might not be there anymore. Later, Sonny arrives and speaks with Stella in private. He doesn’t know if he got through to Marcus, and wonders if he should find a new place for Mike. Stella advises against that because Mike is settled there. Mike tells Sonny he is eager to get back to Turning Woods and Yvonne.

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At the station, Jordan tells Curtis she needs help looking over the case for things she may have missed. Together they try and draw some connections. Since Laura was at every event, but is obviously not the killer, they think she may know them. Alexis and Lulu were also present at all events, making them think he could be trying to impress any one of them, or all of them. Curtis points out the only thing they killings have in common is their licenses were taken. Jordan states they have Ryan Chamberlain in common too and thinks the anniversary of his murders started this all up. Jordan gets a call from forensics, and they were unable to find any footage of the documentary in the producer’s studio. They suspect this killer is trying to top Ryan, so they look through the old Chamberlain case files. Jordan realizes one of Ryan’s original victims was missing her driver’s license, and then they figure out all his victims were missing their licenses. Even the police back then didn’t catch this, so how could the current killer know to take them if he is a copycat. In the PCPD gym, Maxie and Nina arrive for Chase’s self-defense class, followed by Liz and Willow. Nina’s mood turns sour at seeing Willow, and Maxie is confused. Maxie is brought up to speed on the bullying issue, and Liz and Nina begin sniping at each other for who is to blame. Nina thinks Willow shouldn’t have waited as long as she did to tell them, while Liz believes children’s behaviors start at home. Maxie suggests Chase get the class started, but even as he’s speaking, Liz and Nina keep going at one another, and Willow gets pulled into their drama. Chase calls Willow up to demonstrate a move, and she thanks him because she was about to tell one of her student’s mother’s where to shove her opinions. He next calls on Nina, breaking up her continued squabble with Liz. After the class, Willow suggests to Chase they grab a drink, because she can use one after that drama.

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Lulu, Laura and Ned host a townhall meeting at Charlie’s. Lulu wonders if the killer running around will keep people away, but Laura doesn’t think so. Ryan walks in and agrees, and others soon arrive. Julian thanks them for coming and turns things over to Lulu, the moderator. She opens the floor up to questions, and Ned’s answers quote facts and figures, whereas Laura speaks more to the heart of the matters and the community. Ryan steps forward and announces he intends to vote for Laura because she is the best candidate for the city, and the room breaks out in applause. She thanks him and also plans to advocate for mental health, and plans to start with reforming Ferncliff and more visits. The meeting ends, and Laura thanks “Kevin” for the endorsement and promises to make Ferncliff a priority. Lulu and Laura depart, and Ryan gets a look in his eyes.

Stella, Sonny and Mike return to Turning Point. They run into Marcus and Yvonne, and Marcus has suitcases. Mike thinks this is goodbye, but Marcus reveals he’s allowing Yvonne to stay. Sonny reminded him when you love someone you do what is best for them. Mike gives Yvonne the Christmas gift he bought her, while Marcus talks with Stella about how he wishes she could have known Yvonne before the Alzheimer’s. Marcus watches as Yvonne is thrilled with her gift, a scarf, and hugs Mike. Marcus apologizes to Stella for lashing out at her earlier, and he knows she was doing what she thought was best. However, he’ll always wonder what would have happened if he had taken Yvonne home.

Laura is called to Sonny’s gym and as she looks for him, Ryan lurks in the shadows and approaches her from behind.

At the end of this episode, Donna Messina, who passed away December 6, was memorialized. Messina was head of the make-up and hair department at General Hospital.

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