Scott and Monica talk about Gail GH

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Lucy flashes back to learning she was in debt and how she planned to rebrand Port Charles with a guide book to make it into a tourist attraction and bring in real estate investment. After appealing to many people who refused to bankroll her, she managed to get a check from Sonny.

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Mike and Sonny get tips from Chet GHSonny and Mike go to the gym to work out. Mike is eager to see Yvonne and find out if she liked the gift. As they spar, Chet gives Mike some pointers and they talk about being in the military. After they exchange some stories, Mike goes off to change. Sonny thanks Chet for getting his dad to open up about his past. When he learns that Chet is looking for work, Sonny offers him a job as the manager. Later, Drew and Curtis arrive. Drew explains that he’s had a ‘blast from the past’ and it may be a bad thing. As they start working out, Drew asks Curtis to look into Hank. He’s got enough to worry about with Oscar and Kim. Drew admits that he and Kim got close but plays it down as a New Year’s Eve thing.

Stella and Marcus discuss his wife's care GHStella drops by Turning Woods with a gift for Yvonne from Mike. She runs into Marcus, who is defensive. She is sorry about Mike escaping with his wife and grateful he chose not to press charges. Stella encourages him to seek therapy. He explains that he’s taking his wife home. She’s not sure that’s a good idea but he tells her that his marriage is none of her business.

Kim tells Liza bout splitting with Julian GHKim bumps into Liz at the hospital and complains about how badly her New Year is going. She tells the nurse that Julian broke up with her. The doctor admits that Julian saw her kissing Drew. She insists it was nothing, but Julian ran off and slept with someone else. Meanwhile, Scott corners Monica in the hallway. She’s reluctant to talk to him but he has some bad news.

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Shiloh tells Sam and Jason about his life GHJason and Sam pay Kristina a visit at her new place. When Jason is introduced to Shiloh, he calls him a liar. Kristina gets defensive. Shiloh admits that Drew knew him as Hank, and he changed his name when he changed his life. He tells them about his meeting with Drew and how it didn’t spark any memories. Shiloh explains that he’s written a confessional book to share his wisdom. He and Kristina tell them about the charity work Dawn of Day does. He’s surprised to learn that Oscar is Drew’s son. Sam keeps questioning him about funding and he claims that he funds the organization himself with his money from being a life coach. Kristina and her sister start bickering. Once Kristina storms off, Sam and Jason exit, promising Shiloh they’ll be back. After they’ve left, Kristina returns and Shiloh tells her that she didn’t need to be so negative earlier. He can teach her to be free of that.

Julian spots Alexis in Charlie’s and they chat about the killer. They discuss the case and she suggests he take a day off with Kim. He explains that he and Kim are finished. The lawyer is sure that whatever happened can’t be as bad as what happened between them. Meanwhile, Lucy comes in and sits down with Maxie. She offers her an exclusive for Crimson and hands her a copy of her travel guide. Maxie flips through and Lucy excitedly tells her all about it. she needs publicity. Staring across the room, she notices Scott looking excessively ‘rumpled.’ Scott sits down with Monica and tells her about Gail passing away. She wishes she’d been there. Gail transformed her life. They each remember their past with her. Lucy putters over to brag about publishing her book and then asks what’s wrong. Scott explains that Gail died. Lucy tears up and they share memories of Gail, sure that Tracy gave her the most grief. Alexis comes over to pay her condolences. She looked after Gail’s will and it contained a bequest to the three of them.

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Sam and Jason return to the penthouse. She’s sure that Shiloh isn’t good or true.

Mike and Sonny meet with Stella at the coffee shop. She tells them that she didn’t see Yvonne and Marcus is moving her home. Mike becomes distraught, refusing to believe that Yvonne would ever leave him. He doesn’t want to see her uprooted and promises he’ll stay clear of her. Sonny promises his father that he will fix this.

Maxie meets Chet at the gym and he tells her that he’s working for Sonny now. She warns him not to take a job at his coffee warehouse.

Sonny goes to Turning Woods to see Marcus.

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